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Latest Updates

Latest Update: October 28, 2001
Wow, its been a long time since I've spoken, hasn't it? Well folks, I was going through some old websites I used to visit, and I ended up at The Worst Sailormoon Pages Ever. Somewhere in there, they had an interview they did with us. Reading it got me to thinking about this site, and I decided to re-visit. I examined everything closely, and decided to update the page with a message. So here it is...
After looking at this site and reading old email, I discovered that I actually missed this place. When I stopped updating a year or so ago, I was bitter and frustrated. We were getting support from other WPR and fans, got nominations for pages, yet members refused to cooperate and the site began to deteriorate. I felt like there was nothing I could do, so I never bothered coming back. I realize now that that wasn't the best way of treating those who enjoyed this site, and for that I apologize. Now, onto my other point...
I believe I want to give this site one more try. I know we don't have a great track record for re-openings, but this may be different. I'm serious this time, and feel that its possible that it can work. If anyone out there is interested in helping me start out again, email me and we can discuess this site. Thanks for reading this, to anyone who is. And hopefully we'll be back soon...

Older Updates:
June 7, 2000

Just a note to visitors: we're not dead yet! The applications, combined with the pressures of school and work, are taking longer to go through than expaected. However, we will be re-opening soon. I have a feeling the SM community will be "reborn" with the new season being dubbed. With a new crop of pages to review, WPR will have an easier job.

PS: The "a person", who signed our guestbook, what RPG's am I "always in?" I've never signed up for one in my life :P

March 19th, 2000
Applications for Kakyuu, Fighter and Cosmos are now being held. Click here for details

March 16th, 2000
Well everbody, I've decided not to close the site after all. After two weeks of thinking, I realized I don't want to leave the site half-finished, with all these unopened things in Chibichibi. So I'll be returning with a new team of reviewers. Updates will happen soon, so keep checking back, and thanks to all the letters of support I recieved.

February 26th, 2000
Healer here, folks. Wow, it's been a whole year since I came up with the idea of Kinmokusei. Doesn't seem like it's been that long...
Some of you may have noticed we haven't updated in a while (well, since December 2nd, which is longer than a while). In my last message, I promised bigger and better things from this site, and I guess at the time I was lying to myself and to you all. Well, I guess it's my time to ramble, so prepare for my closing statement...
This WPR was pretty well doomed from the start. It began as another group joining the latest trend in the Sailormoon Community. How many WPR opened during those few months? 25? I don't remember, it's not important. I based the idea from the late s a r, but I guess something set us apart. There were write-ups about us on various webpages, bigger name WPR such as the RPG Busters and the Small Lady linked and supported us. Things were going good for us.
I'm not sure where things started to go wrong. Maybe it was because none of the original members knew each other. Holding applications was probobly not the best idea, but it did produce a good team: myself, Fighter(1), Kakyuu(1) and Maker. We pretended we worked well together, but it was a little different on the inside. Myself, Maker and Kakyuu(1) often participated in group discussions, trying to figure out how to improve our site. Fighter(1) never did. It was almost like he tried to avoid us. After a long time of deliberation, we informed him that he was out of the group. Not the best way to go about it, I know.
So we then had more aplications for the new Fighter, and we got a good choice. However, Fighter(2) told us after one day that she was leaving, so we finally got Fighter(3). In the meantime, Kakyuu(1) had to leave because her parents were getting rid of the internet. So we got a wonderful replacement, and the four of us decided to open the position of Cosmos. I have no idea why we did it. Maybe to have the nevelty of a new member. Who knows.
Cosmos did one review, then dissapeared, as did Fighter(3). Kakyuu gradually faded away, and myself and Maker ceased to speak with each other. Finally, one night I asked her if she wanted to continue the group, and we both decided to put it to rest. It was a hard decison for me, partially because I'm attached to this page and it seems like I'm letting myself down for giving it up.
I would like to thank Fighters 1, 2 and 3; Kakyuus 1 and 2; Cosmos, and Maker. It was fun knowing and working with all of you. I'd like to also thank the Small Lady for your support, and the RPG Busters for your efforts to keep us around. I greatly appreciate it.
In closing, I'm pulling the plug on Kinmokusei. Not because I want to, but because I feel that I need to. I would love to make a fresh start with it sometime, who knows when. It could be in an hour, or in five years. Anyone with questions, comments, or interest in this site can still send it to, I will still continue to check the email every so often.
It's been a great year in the SMC, and I'd like to thank you all for making that possible.

December 2nd, 1999
Healer here. You may have noticed we haven't updated in quite a while. But don't fret, we haven't disbanded. We are planning bigger and better things for this site, and you'll see it all within the next few weeks! Keep checking back for further updates!

Older Updates: October 14th, 1999
October 24th, 1999

  • Kakyuu has a new shrine review done!

  • Fighter has a new review up, as well as a new layout. Will soon have some Tips for new WPR groups up.

    Older Updates: September 19, 1999

  • Kakyuu has a new review up, along with various other tweakings.

    September 13, 1999

  • Healer has [finally] posted a new anti page review

    September 11, 1999

  • Maker has put up a new review as well as a new layout in her section.

    September 10, 1999

  • Lookie! The new Starfighter is now online!

    September 4, 1999

  • Sailor Cosmos has finally joined the team!

    August 29th

  • Finally a new What Do You Think?
  • After many delays, a new review by Maker is posted.

  • August 24th
  • The new Kakyuu is online!

  • August 23rd
  • A new Fighter has been chosen, expect her online soon!
  • The new Fighter's info is posted.

  • August 22nd
  • New voting polls posted, past results + commentary coming soon
  • The new Kakyuu has been chosen. She will be online very soon, and her info is available in Chibichibi
  • New info about Healer
  • We have recently decided (for numerous reasons) to let our current Fighter go. Expect a replacement soon.

  • August 5th, 1999
  • New index layout, courtesy of Healer's mind, and Maker's HTML skills. New reviews, on the way!
  • You may have notcied the 'Sailorcosmos' on the front page. We've decided to hire another reviewer. First dibs go to Kakyuu applicants, but if none of them want to take on the job, another form will be posted.

    July 19th, 1999

  • Kakyuu applications are now closed. We were flooded with them, and much thanks to everyone who tried out. The finalists will be contacted!
  • Fighter has posted a new review

    July 8th, 1999

  • Kakyuu reivew position available, click here to apply!

    July 5th, 1999

  • New combo review, courtesy of Healer...who's been taking his sweet time...

    July 3rd, 1999

  • New rant posted (Searching For A Balance)
  • Two new buttons added, special thanks to Minki for sending them in
  • Teeny adjustments made to the index

    June 29th, 1999

  • New layout for Healer

    June 15th, 1999

  • Maker's first RPG review posted
  • Minor adjustments to Maker's policies

    June 7th, 1999

  • New rant posted
  • Several new sections coming soon to Chibichibi
  • Minor adjusments to the interviews
  • Maker's profile added

    May 27th, 1999

  • Fighter's new review is up
  • First General Feedback is posted, and feedback intro redone
  • New links added
  • Various text changings in sections

    May 25th, 1999

  • Changed font in Chibichibi section
  • Message board and voting polls opened in Chibichibi

    May 24th, 1999

  • Kakyuu's section updated to include an archives section, and an FAQ, soon new reviews on the way!
  • Added new responses to What Do You Think, soon new topic!
  • Slight adjustments to the index page

    May 21st, 1999

  • Healer's first anti page review is up

    May 18th, 1999

  • New main index layout. Looks a lot better, ne?
  • Changes to the links section

    May 11th, 1999

  • Additions to Healer's review policy
  • New main page layout coming very soon!
  • And we will be linking to the newly updated pages from here, starting today!

    May 1st, 1999

  • Added More Responses to What Do You Think?

    April 29th, 1999

  • New layout in Healer's section
  • First visitor rant is posted
  • New Interview posted, with CereCere of the Amazoness Quartet

    April 24th, 1999

  • New feature in Chibichibi called What Do You Think? Go check it out!
  • Second rant posted

    April 22nd, 1999

  • Sorry for the delay folks, Fighter's reviews have been up for a couple of days now ^^
  • New coloring in Healer's section
  • First rant posted

    April 17th, 1999

  • Starmaker's section and first review is up
  • Starmaker FAQ comments are available
  • Healer's index page re-done
  • New interview posted (Janelle Jimenez from the Everchanging Sailormoon Gateway)
  • Kakyuu's second review is up!
  • 'About Us' section is up

    April 11th, 1999

  • Chibichibi index page re-done, rants page is open

    April 9th

  • Kakyuu's shrine review is now up, and so is her page
  • Kakyuu's FAQ comments are available
  • Healer's Review Policy is now up
  • Healer's index page re-done a little

    April 7th

  • Sailorstarmaker has joined up; her review should be up soon!

    April 5th

  • Kakyuu has joined the team, expect her page up by the 10th
  • Fighter's page is now up, as is her first review.
  • This updates section opened
  • FAQ added; Healer's comments available
  • Three new buttons added, courtesy of s a r
  • Links re-done

    April 4th, 1999

  • Put up links section
  • Chibichibi has opened
  • Healer's first review is up

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