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We at Kinmokusei always welcome feedback. If you don't agree with a review, or it's your page we reviewed, you should get a say in the matter. It's not fair to allow us to express our opinions on your site without you doing the same for us, right? This is the section to do it in. Here you will find forms to send feedback to the Starlight you wish, or to us in general. We even have a special section for flames (though we're hoping we won't get any of them ^ ^). Please fill out the form below to the best you can to send in your feedback. You can click on a section below for some visitor comments.

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Feedback Form

Use the form below to send in your comments. Please fill in as much as possible. Anything with an asterik (*) beside it is optional. If you wish to remain anonymous, please say so in the form. Thank you!

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