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Kinmokusei FAQ

Here are just some questions we'd thought you'd like answered. Healer's comments will be in purple,Kakyuu's comments will be in yellow, and Maker's comments will be in red. Fighter's comments will be added later.
Q: How did you guys get started?
I had been thinking of starting a WPR for a long time, and finally got around to it last year. The site shut down in March 2000, but has now reopened with new members.

Q: Why the Sailorstarlights?
Well, I wanted to use the Outer Senshi, but on further investigation, I found out there was already another group using them. So upon further searching, I found that the Starlights were the only group of Senshi not being used for a review group.

Q: There are, like, 10 other review groups. What makes you different?
Well, there are only two groups at the moment that don't focus on just combo pages: us and s a r. Also, not many other pages offer suggestions on how to improve the specific page they're reviewing, they just give general hints. We give hints, section by section. And we offer tips for new review groups, offer monthy polls and opinions sections, plus we're so darn lovable!

Q: Can I be part of your team?
At the moment we are reviewing applications for the positions of Cosmos, Kakyuu and Fighter. However, if a member leaves the team, another form will be posted.

Q: How do I nominate something for a review?
Every Starlight has their own type of webpage to review. Just find out who reviews what you want to nominate, enter their section, and click "nominate page."

Q: How do I contact you?
If it is a letter for the group, use However, if it is for a certain group member, use their own section to email them.

Q: Hey, I don't agree with a review! What do I do?
Great. Everyone has their own opinions, and here we stress people to express them. Therefore, in 'Chibichibi' we will have monthly responses to each of our reviews. This way you can let everyone know what you think.

Q: Will you link to my site?
Unfortunately we cannot link to any site other than fellow WPR. However, if your site is chosen for a review, a link will be posted within that review.

Q: Who does what in your group?
That can be found on the main page. However, at this time, I organize the email [which means most email you get back is from me]. At the moment, no responsibilities have been given to the new members.

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