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Back in 1996, the Amazoness Quartet broke new ground by starting the first Sailormoon Review group. Since then, several new groups have opened, all with new ideas and opinions on the pages they review. Here are links to some of the best reviewers on the net:

The Amazonesss Quartet: The first of all the review groups on the net today! The AQ picks "Best" and "Worst" pages, and runners-up, then reviews each page as a group. Also contains several other features, such as the Lemures Files, where you can post your opinions and the Dead Moon Circus, where you can learn more about the villains of Sailormoon SuperS.

s a r: One of the first batch of new comers, s a r had shut down due to flamers. It has now re-opened under it's original management team. s a r's reviewers cover different aspects of pages, much like we do. They also have WPR features.
**s a r is currently looking for a new Ironmouse and Tinnyanko. Apply ASAP!**

The Small Lady: A one-person reviewer who has been aruond for about a year. She usually does around three pages a month, and uses the grading system [A, A-, D, F, etc.] for her pages.

RPG Busters: A review group that's been around since late 1998, the RPG Busters, review only RPG's, and were the first to do so. Steady updates, and a great layout. Check them out if you're into the RPG scene.

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