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I. Nominations
  • I only review Sailormoon RPGs (and RPGs that accept Sailormoon characters) and Multimedia sites, other nominations will just be ignored or will be passed onto the correct Senshi. 
  • Self Nominations are accepted
  • Nominations for sites/RPGs that have already been reviewed by other groups will not be reviewed unless it is a self-nomination or if there is some disagreement between what I've seen in an another WPR's review (the later being highly unlikely).
  • Nominations out of pure spite for the owner (or RPG Gamemaster) are generally ignored, deleted, and are not considered for reviewing. Comments on why this site is the worst ever because the owner did this to you or the GM kicked you out because of such and such are not considered at all valid remarks and reasons. 
  • I will not review a RPG without a site. Any nominations with URLs to message boards, chat rooms, e-mail addresses, IRC Channels, or Telenet addresses (for MUDS,MUXs, MUSHes etc.) will simply be discarded. 
II. Reviews
  • At least one review will be posted per month (unless confilictions with offline situations occur), usually in an alternating fashion.
  • An e-mail will be sent out to the owner notifying them of their review and asking them for  their permission to post my review (even if it was a self-nomination). If I don't receive a reply within 4 to 5 days, the review will be posted regardless. If I'm told I can't review a site, I merely go to another site.
  • No reviews will be taken down for any reason.
III. Multimedia Site Evaluations
  • Reviews (evaluations) are based on 4 key points: Presentation, Content, Quality, and Overall Impression; Descriptions are as followed:

  • Presentation: Generally I look at the layout of the site for organization, pleasing to the eye, and loading time. 
    Content: I look for exactly what I came for, multimedia. A variety of different files is good, however, if I can find the same thing over and over on other sites variety would not be good in that case. I also look for direct and bad links to other directories/accounts.
    Quality: Are half the files poor quality (i.e. poor audio, heavy pixelation in videos), or they just the best I've ever seen (crisp audio, low pixelation etc.)
    Overall Impression: This merely sums everything up, including all my suggestions and other comments 

IV. RPG Evaluations
As with multimedia sites, RPG reviews are based on 4 key points: Presentation, Structure, Organization, Gaming, and Overall Impressions

Presentation: In this case I look pirmarily at the structure of the site I'm directed to. 
Structure: Overally how this specific RPG works. I go into specifics as to what's going on between GM and member including requirements to join, acceptance of "fic characters", and keeping up to date with records (what's going on and who's in) 
Gaming: Looks at what's going on in the RPG. If there is a specific story line to the whole RPG, is it being followed? Are some characters being played out of character (appilies to orignial characters only)?
Overall Impression: Sums up everything

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