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Meet These Wacky Reviewers!


Kou Yaten Ho hum, 'tis I, Sailorstarhealer. I'm currently a high school student hoping to study law. Hobbies? Hmm, they include reading, writing, watching TV, partying and getting Maker really frustrated. My pet peeves would have to be spoiled people. Hmm, my favorite type of movies are horror and suspense, and my favorite colors are purple (bet you couldn't guess) and green. I love R&B music and hate anything to do with science. As for favorite anime, I really don't have any. So sue me ^ ^
Kou Seiya Starfighter has split personalities. She can be very kind and considerate and very giggly, but she also has a brutally honest and a "I could care less" attitude that appears every so often. Fighter is also self-proclaimed as an "Anime Chica". Along with Sailormoon, she enjoys reading rare manga and collecting small anime OAVs. However, her favorite anime is Escaflowne, which is not quite a small series. She enjoys shoujo and shounen anime. Magic Knight Rayearth, Evangelion, Card Captor Sakura, Magical Project S, Cherry Project, Burn Up W, and the likes are some of her favorites. Her favorite manga artist is Takeuchi Naoko and she enjoys a lot of Sunrise and CLAMP anime. She also has many weird obsessions and has a very peculiar fetish with Italian and Russian men.
Kou Taiki Maker, or rather Taiki as she likes to be called, is the rather psychotic one of the group  though she'as not like that most of the time. She's currently in high school and has hopes of majoring in web administration (or at least something in computer sciences) in college. In her free time she enjoys writing poetry, listening to music (almost everything except Rap, R&B and Hip-Hop), drawing, tormenting her brother. Bersides Sailormoon, her favorite animes are X, Magic Knights Rayearth, Pokémon, Video Girl Ai, Fushigi Yuugi, Tenchi and Evangelion among others. And if there were more information to reveal on her, she'd be likely to go on a mad rampage (just kidding ^^).
Kakyuu Kakyuu's a pretty friendly girl but can be very blunt at times. She's still in schooling and focuses most here attention on English, journalism, and computers. She wastes most of her time working on web pages, staring at walls, listening to music (mostly classic rock and anime soundtracks), writing, and of course, anime. Currently her favorites are Sailormoon and Utena, and she knows she'll love Slayers, Lain, EVA, and Mahou no Stage Fancy Lala once she finally sees more than two episodes. ^_~ Also, she feels the most important parts of an anime are the characters and the seiyuu.


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