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Help Needed!

Kinmokusei is re-opening, and we're looking for a few good Starlights. OK, I know that sounds lame, but we are looking for three people to take on the positionas of Cosmos, Starfighter and Kakyuu. Please read the following paragraph for the duties these positions hold, or skip to the form below.

  • Fighter: You'll review misc. things, such as clubs, link exchanges, webrings, that sort of thing
  • Kakyuu: You'll review shrines and image galleries
  • Cosmos: You'll review Sailormoon help pages, and internet providers

    Please keep the following in mind before you apply

  • You'll need to have fairly good knowledge of HTML
  • You need to have above average knowledge of Sailormoon
  • You'll need to take on a section of Chibichibi (your choice)
    Whew, enough for ya'? Those of you who are serious please fill out the form below. We will contact the "finalists."

    Good luck!

    Your Name:
    Email address:
    URL of site (if appicable, but highly advised)
    Position desired along with mini-resume



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