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Welcome to Chibichibi



Welcome, everyone, to Chibichibi, the small "FanZine" of Kinmokusei. This is where we, the Sailorstarlights, get to express our opinions on Sailormoon. And this is also where you get to express your opinions on us. That's right, you get to tell us what you think of our reviews. If you agree/disagree, we'd like to know.
Thinking of starting your own Sailormoon review group? Here we'll show you how to get started, and some tips on what and what not to do. The same goes for people just started out in the SM community; we'll show you what goes into a good SM page.
Want to know more about the Sailorstarlights, or even us? This is the place to go! We've even thrown in a message board and voting polls, all for your use!

Yes, all this, and more, will be available here, in 'Chibichibi.' [Geez, I sound like an infomercial O_o] Stay tuned for further updates!

Any email to us should be sent to this address!

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