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Reviews webpages and anti-pages.

Reviews clubs,
webrings and link-exchanges.


Reviews multimedia
sites, RPG's and HTML help.

Reviews shrines,
image Galleries and webpage tips

FAQ, interviews,
about us, Starlight info,
links, etc.

Last Update - May 11th,1999:
Additions to Healer's Review Policy
More info can be found in the Updates section

Welcome to Kinmokusei, home of the Sailorstarlights, another SM review page. You may be groaning to yourself, thinking "Why another one...?", but we are here to do more than just combo pages. We plan to review every type of Sailormoon page on the net, from clubs to anti-pages. This will hopefully get more coverage to every aspect of SM page out there, which is our goal. Click on each Starlight for reviews.

This page was created on March 6, 1999

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