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        Below are a few questions that I've compiled from looking at other WPRs that are often asked from Reviewers (whether or not they are going to be asked to me is unknown at this moment). If  there any questions that aren't answered, feel free to e-mail me and I'll try to respond ASAP.
1. Do you accept self nominations?
    I do, however, I don't automatically give those sites a "good" or "bad" status based on the nomination from the nominator. You forget that these are reviews based on what I see going on with a RPG/Multimedia site.
2. Can you please review my [combo page, shrine, club, image gallery etc.]?
    I only do RPG's and Multimedia sites. My associates (Healer, Fighter, Kakyuu, and Cosmos) do those types. Check their portions of the site to see who reviews what.
3. How do you review pages?
    See the reviewing policy
4. Will you please join my RPG as Sailorstarmaker or [this character]?
    The best answer to that is probably no. Not only do I have a life beyond the computer, the concept of me participating as Starmaker in an RPG (by invitation) might just blow my cover (and see that wouldn't be a good thing)
5. How can you say [such and such] about this site/RPG? You're totally wrong!
    I'm merely giving my opinion on what I'm expirencing/seeing. I'm not biased as to what is occurring, but I have the right to have an opinion to it.
6. How much experience do you have with RPG's?
    Well I have been playing online SM RPG's since like September of 1997 and have been in two so far (One has disbanded since August 1998 and I've had to quit another due to personal scheduling). As for other RPGs (such as D&D and from resource books) , none cause they get too confusing for my overworked mind ^^;;;
7. Who exactly are you?
    I am Sailorstarmaker, otherwise known as the smart idol singer Kou Taiki,  a Sailorsoldier from the Kinmoku Star System. I also have a crisis on whether or not I like it as a guy or a girl so I'm able to change my gender at my own free will  (kidding :P If I did tell you who I was, I'd have to kill you ^^)
8. How come you're so formal in the way you review and state stuff?
    Actually, I always write like this ^^; Besides if the "real" Taiki were writing this, wouldn't you expect to read almost the same thing? 
9. Why do say that [such and such] doesn't work/look right? It works fine on my computer at [such and such specifications]. 
     Well it's possible that my computer is different from yours. I work with Windows '95 at a 640x480 resolution, using Netscape 4.61 (and occasionally Internet Explorer 3.01). I'd rather not comment on my connection.  
10. How come you don't review on a page-by-page basis like the other members of the group?
     Easy, it's because I'm the wierdo of the group *can hear Healer cracking up in the background* -_-; *proceeds to beat up Healer to a bloody pulp*
     No seriously, I review based on certain objectives, or rubrics, because I'm used to this format (I've been graded and even graded myself and others using rubrics for a few years now). I really don't have a reason why I should change since none of the rubric changes compared to the many choices a site owner might organize a page or manage a RPG. Not to say a page-by-page review isn't bad (with most general site reviews it's probably the easier option), but with at least the reviews I handle the objective review is a better choice. 
Whew...That was a lot ^^; 

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