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Nominate a Shrine or Image Gallery

Found a shrine or image gallery you would like to see reviewed here? Or you just want your own reviewed? Then you're at the right place! ^_^ Just fill out the following form, or if that doesn't work, you can e-mail me the answers to the form (AOL users: I don't think the form is going to work for you. ^^;; Please e-mail me your nomination instead.).
If you haven't already, please read my policy on reviewing. Also, you may want to note the following:
As mentioned above, self nominations are allowed
You can used an anonymous alias, however, you must put your e-mail address
Multimedia galleries are not the same as image galleries; multimedia is Taiki's forte.
No spite nominations or sites that are already waiting to be reviewed by someone else. More details under the nomination policies.

So is everything cleared up? (You probably didn't even need anything to be cleared up. ^^;;) Okay, here's the form:

Your Name:

Your E-mail:

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Reason For Nomination?


Kinmokusei // Kakyuu // E-mail