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Policy On...

• Nominations
    -The site you're nominating should only be a shrine or an image gallery. If it's a different type of site (combo, multimedia, club, etc.), take a look around the rest of Kinmokusei; we all review different things, and chances are if it's not the type of site I review, one of the other Starlights will be able to.
    -Self nominations are allowed. (In fact, I encourage them.)
    -No spite nominations. You can get back at the people you hate, but don't you dare do it through me. Any malicious, personal nominations (such as something like "This site is bad because they wouldn't let me use their graphics and they're elitists!" or "This brain-dead dubbie goes on and on about how great the DiC flub is on their site and mailbombed me when I told them off.") will be forwarded to the site owner along with your name and e-mail address. (Act like a bratty baby, you deserve to be treated like one.) This site will also not be reviewed unless the webmaster says otherwise.
    -I will not review sites that are on the waiting list to be reviewed by someone else. Also, I will not review a site if it has been reviewed less than six months ago by someone else. Remember, there are many sites out there that haven't had the chance to be reviewed yet.
    -If a site is on a review group's nominations list, but the group appears to be dead (at least four to six months of inactivity), then it's all right to nominate the site.

• Reviews
    -I will try to do about two reviews per month, usually one shrine and one gallery. If I have the time I may do more, but I don't want to rush my reviews and do sloppy job. Also, if I receive lots of shrine nominations and not many gallery nominations (or vice versa), I may do two shrines and no galleries (or vice versa) instead.
    -If your site was nominated by someone else and I'm about to review it, I will e-mail you asking for permission to put the review up (after all, you may feel uncomfortable being reviewed, especially if you're in the middle of a renovation). I won't put up the review until I'm given the go ahead.
    -For self nominations, I'll let you know the day before that I'm putting up your review.
    -I will not take down any reviews.

• Site Evaluations
    -I go through every page of the site and type pretty much every thought that comes to mind while viewing it. Pages that are unreviewable (such as a links page or awards page) will most likely be skipped.
    -As for reviewing the various aspects of the site, I generally go in this order for shrines: loading speed (that's always the first thing you encounter ^^), design, graphics (these are what usually catch my attention first), info, and depth (since these take more than a glance, unlike the others).
    -For image galleries, it's pretty similar to shrines: loading speed, design, graphics (both decoration and thumbnails/image maps), amount of images, uniqueness, and image quality.
    -The "Quick Look" pinpoints all the positive aspects of the site and the improvable parts of the site. I usually leave out my minor nitpicking in this part. ^^;;
    -Regarding shrines and web authors, there is no favoritism or bias. Yeah, there are characters I really like and characters that don't exactly make me shiny happy, but that doesn't matter when I review. Also, when I review a site, I review just that: the site, not the author.

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