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Yes, the title of this section is a variation on the song "Otome no Policy". I thought it was appropriate. You wish to know my reviewing policies? Then please read on. If there are any questions that are left unanswered by this page, kindly check my FAQ page to see if your answer lies there.

** I accept both regular and self-nominations. There are so many webpages which would be overlooked if I only took traditional nominations that I can't limit myself. Also, I really enjoy seeing new sites!

** I will not accept sites nominated out of spite or a spirit of maliciousness toward the webpage owner. Such things will be sent to the delete folder without a second glance.

** Submitting your own webpage to me implies permission to do a review and post it on the website. I will e-mail you once the analysis is online. If a page is nominated by another person, I will e-mail the webpage owner for permission. Failure to respond to the notification within five days will cause me to do the review regardless, since if the person truly objected, his or her reply would come promptly.

** I only take nominations for Sailor Moon-based Webpage Help sites and free homepage providers. Nominations for other kinds of pages (combo, RPG) are frowned on, but will be forwarded to the correct Senshi.

** I will review help pages using a fair mind, without regard to the webpage owner him or herself. In other words, I am examining the page, not criticizing the creator.

** My opinions will always be strong; those reviewed are free to take my advice or not, it's just there as an assistant to making a better page.

** I will be maintaining sites on nominated free webpage providers for one month before writing the review, updating several times and testing the various features. Again, my analysis will be totally objective.

** I will not be reviewing paid webspace providers. This is because I am not a millionaire and would not be able to afford various "one month trials".

** If you have been reviewed and you would like to discuss it with me, please feel free to e-mail. I am always willing to help or debate.

Questions left unanswered? Continue to my FAQ.

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