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Why don't you use some anime images on this section?

Because Sailor Cosmos only appears in the Sailormoon manga, not the anime. The endings of the two different versions are completely different; you would have to read and see both to fully comprehend the alterations. Suffice to say, the manga has more Senshi (mostly evil) than the anime does.

Who are you?

I am one version of Sailor Moon's ultimate form. I came back to the past to see Eternal Sailor Moon's strength and use it to help stir those same feelings of courage inside of myself, since in my own future, I am a coward who gave up and ran away from War.

No, I mean really, who are you?

Oh, you mean my real life self? I'll have an About Me section up soon, but there won't be much information there. Suffice to say, you may or may not know me. My "identity" is a secret, and would prefer to remain that way so that you can approach me openly, without judgment, in the same manner I approach the pages I review.

What makes you qualified to do this?

I have had over 2 years of HTML and graphic-making experience, using both PhotoShop and Paint Shop Pro, as well as many other lesser-known programs. Sailormoon-wise, I have seen all 200 episodes of Sailor Moon and read 15 of the 18 volumes of manga. As for webpage help, I used to work for as a lab monitor at my school, so I recall the most common things commented on. For free webpage providers, I have used many myself, and so have learned much about that area.

This section will expand in the future as I have more questions asked of me.
Thank you!

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