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Review: Sailor Moon and Scouts RPG
Type: Message-Board RPG
Gamemaster: Nicole
Starmaker's rating: 2.5 (out of a possible 5)
First Impression:

       Okay looking through one of the many directories on the net, the very diligent Maker *coughs and hacks* bypasses the many known RPGs to stike on this. Well just by the title alone, I'm kinda confused on the fact if it's based on the DiC or the original version. Guess I will find out, ne?


       Well the main page appears to pretty fast loading, however, that's just just the top potion. The bottom is simply cluttered with a couple webrings, one of those web-page rating things, and of course the owner's e-mail (which is pretty much hidden below all of the mentioned stuff).

       It might help the loading if the images weren't directly linked (as you might note I'm a stickler
for direct linking :P) or if it's possible (and highly more advisable), move the webrings and the rating fragment to another page entirely so the e-mail can easily be seen on the page (for persepective members and current members conserns) 


        This RPG is set up in two different message boards (Playing board and Chat/Out of Character Board), which nowadays is pretty much a standard for RPG of this type. My only complaint is that the board that the game uses (Inside the Web) is very awakward to use at my resolution seeing that the average thread in the actual RPG about is 8 to 10 additional posts to the main thread which can extend to beyond a a normal 640x480 screen. 

        The adminstration of the game is somewhat low. For starters upon checking the [playing] message board versus the "members" page, several characters were either missing from the list or did not exist in the RPG period. It might be helpful to the GM (and to  the other members) that the list should be updated often as needed. The rules are easy to follow, but gives a lot of loopholes for people just pluging fic-senshi into the game (i.e. just give the stats and you're in). Also it might be helpful if the GM provided a form instead of an e-mail link, it's complicated when the only address you have is on Hotmail or something and all the person give you is an e-mail link. 


       Well there seems to be a plot (although for a time I couldn't really tell if there was one o_O;), however the details of it are rather sketchy at least to me. It was probably the fact that most posts I really couldn't tell the difference between the dialogue and action. Upon finding the "story" page (a commend the GM for making one) it was equally confusing, mosly becasue the summary seemed to mix the dialogue in with the actions. I might suggest some minor proofreading in that aspect. 

       The actual is playing is again awakward.  I assumed that the game was based on the orignial despite "Scouts" in the game's name, however, I've seen there's is a lot of mixture between both the orignial and dubbed versions (Scouts/Senshi, Serena/Usagi, "meatball head", etc.). I suggest that someone please (hopefully the GM) gets this mix-up fixed to aviod any more confusion. Both interaction and the actual going through the messages is at times a task in it self to do, although again I blame Inside the Web for the later problem. I have to suggest that when posting in this, please indicate the difference between the actions and the dialogue (like using *'s for action and that type of stuff). For posting I suggest that thery might limit to the number of continuations per post. It may increase the numbers of posts on the board, but if done properly it is easier to follow.


       I'd consider this RPG mainly as something that could be built upon and seriously improved.
All that is needed is better administration from the Gamemaster. I suggest that by fixing up most of these problems (as soon as possible), the game can and will be better than it is right now. It's probably a good game to start in for newbie RP'ers. However, to a veteran gamer I wouldn't reccomend it.

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