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Review: Sailor Moon Multimedia Page
Type: Multimedia
Author: Erik
Starmaker's rating: 3.5 (out of a possible 5)
First Impression:

        I stumbled upon this site through one of my random looks through my bookmarks (and it looks like someone should clean out her bookmarks -_-). With a title like "Sailor Moon Multimedia Page", I should be getting my fill of Sailormoon multimedia right? Hopefully I won't have to eat my words.


        Loading the main page, I was expecting the title image to be some sort of an image map, but *sigh* it isn't. I'm always mislead by those big header images, just as a suggestion either make the image an image map or just ditch it because it's not worth the loading. The rest of the page is rather plain with a feel like the whole thing is somewhat cluttered and dull. 

        Upon looking at the rest of the site, it seem to follow the same layout. Not that it's a bad thing, but it just could be seriously be improved upon with a little work.


        Well there's good selection of media formats to choose from. I have seen some of MIDI's
before, perhaps we all have found the same ones in the same places. Wow I've actually found some self created files in the Real Audio and Real Video sections. 

        I noticed when looking at the linking a few of the MP2's and Movies were directly linked to couple other sites and's FTP archive. I always say that even if the FTP directory is for the public NEVER directly link to files, unless of course it's your own. It slows you and the server down. Given the fact that the author gave credit in the links section, it's still not a good idea nevertheless.


        One thing's for sure the author does know how to make quality RealMedia files. The quality of them is suberb (this is probably becasue of the huge file size of each of them -luckily the author warned ahead). As for the other  files, seeing that fact that most of  files I've downloaded come very close to the one (or they could be the same exact ones) they seem to be fairly average.


        Well I'd have to say that this really a good source of multimedia. Sure you can probably find most of these files elsewhere, but the real feature seems to be the RealMedia files. If the author continues to make improvements on the site both in the layout and the linkage, it would probably turn out great in the future.

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