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Review: Super Moon
Type: Multimedia
Author: JPCoolBoyz (I'm not sure about this, just got the name from an AOL address it linked to)
Rating: 1.5 (out of a possible 5)
First Impression:

       I'm somewhat skeptical about of this site. Perhaps it's because many sites with "super" in the title often don't live up to the word, maybe I'm wrong this once.


        Loading the main page, it's quite well done. However, on most occasions (using Netscape Communicator 4.61) the page caused the browser to crash so I reccomend the author look into this, but on Internet Explorer 3.01 (please don't say anything - I don't use IE enough to to upgrade it nor do I have the disk space for it ;) it loads fine. I find the page a tad difficult to navigate seeing you have to wait for rollover images to load (or not load period with IE 3.01). I might suggest below the main "map" the author includes text links to the section.

       The sub pages don't even reflect the presentataion of the main page. Sure they are fast-loading, but the pages are just plain with hardly any effort put into them (just basic HTML). Even without the couple broken links included with the existing pages, there is a lot to be wanted if not needed to improve.


        Well let me just put it frankly, there hardly is any.

        In the Avi section, there is only 4 files (!), and one is not even realated to Sailormoon (ok Wedding Peach may have some similarities to SM, but at least list it somewhere else, not between 2 other SM files). In additon to that, the images above the descriptions are all broken so they really didin't help at all.

       If that page wasn't enough, the Midi section was just as bad as the Avi's. The section proceeds to a pop-up to another page on a different server no less (which I think is pretty pointless). Instead of having something on the lines of a list of songs/file names/something along the lines of that, the page uses the "random loading midi" javascript cycling through 150 (!) Midis. A best bet for possibly this section is to have a shorter playlist and just listing the files.

        Just on a another note I noticed that almost all the files were linked to the author's multiple accounts on Xoom and Dencity. Now if I remember right the server this site is on (Freeservers) offers 20 megs of space, that should be enough for all the files (ok -I am informed there is an upload limit on Freeservers, however, the author should have at least hosted the AVI section on Xoom's servers to save bandwich). I commend the author at least for not directly linking to the MIDI files on Dencity.


        Well quality, at least in the AVI files, is really good. The files, although pretty big, have really good audio and very crisp video. I'm unsure if the author of the site created the videos or not, but if he did it was a good job.

        As for the MIDI files, I'm sure they are the same one I've seen over and over on alost every site I've been to. To me it's pretty average.


        Sadly, this site is just one of those sites that aren't worth the visit. It's almost the same exact content I've seen on other pages, with hardly any orignality/personal spin on things to make to worth anyone's time. Personally (from a surfer's point of view), I'm better off looking at any random site on the Anipike than this site.

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