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Review: Crystal Tokyo
Type: Multimedia
Author: Ashley
Rating: 0.1 (out of a possible 5)
First Impression:

      Yet another site I'm totally skeptical about. I happened to find this site through some so-called "WPR" (I forget what site I found it one at the moment -_-;) and it was labeled as "Best". So what? Many sites I've been to that have been called the best should have been in the AQ's mailbox as the "worst" -_-; Enough with my ranting, on with the review.


        *sigh* The first site I get to review with frames. Let me tell you this, this person does not use framesproperly. The links to the correponding right side of the screen (which loaded blank) opened new windows. I suggest the author either fix the frames or just forget them. The rest of the site seemed to load fast despite the fact that  just a few pages were a bit graphic heavy for my tastes.


        Well consering that most links to the multimedia files are broken (it even links to the now long gone Sailormoon Music Archive), there's not anything new I haven't seen before. The only valid link led to the MIDI page and it's something I have seen before on a thousand other pages. 


        I'm dissapointed bigtime. It's all same old same old. Heck even the images on it's page are pics you can find on any number of image galleries.   


        It appears that is site died some time ago, though apparently it seems accidental. It's oo bad. If most of the pages were up and running, it wouldn't be so bad as it is now. *tsk tsk*

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