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          About: ME!!, Princess Kakyuu
          Nominated by: Chun Li
          Review Date: October 16 and October 23, 1999

-Quick Look-
•Lots and lots of mostly accurate Kakyuu info
•Very thorough
•Looks at the symbolism of things involving Kakyuu
•Credit given to sources
•The links on the index page aren't very noticeable
•A few minor info errors

-Detailed Look-

Entry: Hmm, even with the large background image the page loaded really quick. The intro sounds interesting. In case anyone's wondering, this being a Kakyuu shrine won't effect my opinion at all; boost my ego a bit, maybe, but I'll still be telling it like it is. ^_~

Index: Oh, interesting font used for the title. Pretty quick loading, too. The layout and coloring is very nice and fits in all resolutions; it's seems a bit odd to me, though, that the credits, awards, etc. would be up on the picture instead of below where the main content links are. Personally, I think it would make more sense to make the content links featured first and then move the extras underneath. For those that have Javascript turned off, the explanation for each link is given below; very helpful. ^_^

EyeSore: Everything loaded pretty quick. Most the stats look correct (minus the speculation), although Act 45 is in Manga 16, not 18. The manga info to the right can be a bit hard to read; using a color that stands out more might help. To be nitpicky in an annoying way (^^;;), the way the sentence "Sailorkakyuu is only a senshi in the manga" makes it sound (at least to me) that she was only a Senshi and not a princess in the manga; moving "only" in-between "senshi" and "in" would help clear it up. ^^

Kakyuu's Notes

KakyuuAlways remember not everyone has the same fonts you have. With pages' titles, it's usually best to make a graphic with only 2 or 16 colors. Throughout your site, it's usually best to use more common fonts like Helvetica or Verdana, or offer alternate fonts like so: <font face="Font 1,Font 2,Font 3">

At First Sight: Gah, that's some picture to be greeted by! ^^;; The close up of Kakyuu is the only image, so the page loads quickly. "At First Site" shows up as Times New Roman for me instead of the intended font (I don't have it ^^;;). I suggest either making it an image or adding a few alternative fonts that others might have. This is a well written summary about the appearance and end of Kakyuu. Just about each scene described is separated with a title; the actual summary is written well enough that even if you haven't seen these episodes, you can probably picture what's going on.

Angel Eyes: I get the feeling each page will have title somehow related to eyes and sight. ^_^ Oh, the Chibi Kakyuu is cute! ^-^ Fairly well doctored, too. This page is pretty much a biography on everything we see happen to Princess Kakyuu in the anime. Didn't notice any errors in information, although I noticed a few typos that are a bit more glaring than most. There's a lot of detail put into it; even with minimal Stars knowledge this should be pretty easy to follow along.

Vision: Quick loading, as the only image is a pretty close-up of manga Kakyuu. Oh, a discussion about symbolism, my type of page! ^_~ What's great about this is not only does this page relate to Kakyuu, but to the entire Sailormoon series (most notably "butterflies" [Sailor Moon's "Crisis, Make Up!"] and "flowers"). At the end sources are given; great for those of us that like reading up on interpretations of symbolism. ^_~

Eye Candy: Candy, yummy! The title image was a bit slow to load and causes some side-scrolling in a 640x480 resolution. This details all of Kakyuu's attire; if you happen to have your images turned off or want to cosplay as Kakyuu, this is extra helpful. ^_^ ...Wow, this is insanely detailed, even going as far as to speculate whether or not Kakyuu has a widow's peak. This is a good thing, by the way. ^_^

A Different Perspective: And now we have manga Kakyuu. ^^ Page loads fairly quickly, although the side background image (a pretty yet eerie manga image of Kakyuu) slows it down a bit during heavy traffic hours. Goodness, this page has a lot of info to read about. I'm guessing this will be nice and thorough. *dives in* The only error I noticed that isn't really debatable is when it says that both Lethe and Mnemosyne tried to kill Usagi; actually, Mnemosyne didn't want to kill Usagi. She's the one that stopped Lethe from doing so. Also, I'm not sure if it's accurate to call Chi and Phi "Anima Mates"; I've always considered the Anima Mates to be the ones with a Metal + Animal name. *shrug* The content is pretty thorough, although there were some holes that made parts a bit confusing (purposely left out, I believe, since this focuses on Kakyuu).

Iris: Pretty quick loading. The background image is nice, although in a lower resolution it takes up more than a third of the page, making it feel kinda squished. Ah, this is an interesting idea for a page: highlighting the Three Lights' lyrics that are messages to Kakyuu! Goodness, I think this can qualify by now as a very complete shrine. ^_^

Seeing Double: Loading speed's a bit faster than average. The title graphic looks nifty. ^-^ Hmm, this is interesting: various other odango-wearing people are listed and compared to Kakyuu. If you didn't have enough insight into Kakyuu, you certainly will know her well now. ^_^ Chibi Usa only gets a few lines talking about her, whereas the others get a paragraph or two; I guess you can't compare a kid princess and an older princess much, considering all the differences.

If you don't know much about Kakyuu (the Princess, not me ^^;), after visiting this site you'll definitely know lots. There's tons of info here, from background to appearance to symbolism. This is a good example that no matter how little a character appeared, there's still plenty to tell about them.


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