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Flaming Visions

          About: Hino Rei / Sailor Mars
          Nominated by: Raven and Huntress
          Review Date: September 13-19

-Quick Look-
•Great galleries with all the elements most galleries should have
•Has info on the Tarot, Eastern religion, and a bunch of other helpful stuff you wouldn't expect
•Accurate information
•Lovely graphics that show how powerful a good image editor can be ^_^
•Loading time is very quick
•Uhh... I can't think of any; really, I can't
•Okay, how about a few images in the gallery look over- compressed?

-Detailed Look-

Entry: Wow, I was surprised at how quick the page loaded! I was expecting quite a wait. Oh, that image in the middle (with Rei in the flames) is lovely! The design is very nice, mainly red and black.

Rei: Quite a few images to the side, but quick to load yet again. That's wonderful for impatient people like me. ^_^ The title was supposed to show up in a special font, but it didn't for me (I don't have it ^^;;). It probably wouldn't hurt loading time to make the title into a four bit image (16 colors), or even a one bit image (2 colors) if you don't want antialias. Moving on to the more major stuff... All of the info looks accurate. It discusses mostly about her personality, citing examples that show these
Kakyuu's Notes

KakyuuA shrine should be a lot more than just some stats on your favorite character. Try discussing various aspects of the character's personality, what their life is like, and anything else you can think of, along with some examples to explain everything. It's a lot more interesting than "fav food" or "worst subject."

traits, along with various facts about her. I was reminded of some of the reasons I had forgotten for why I like Mars. ^_^

Sailormars: Quick to load like the last time. So far I don't see any wrong info... Mars's personality and other traits are discussed her in similar fashion to the previous page. I didn't notice any glaring or even minor errors in the info.

Sailormars in Spotlight: Perhaps that should be "Sailormars in the Spotlight"? I think I should leave out mentioning loading time from now on; so far every page has been extremely fast. The webmistresses may want to check their head tags; it says "Sailormercury in Spotlight" in the title bar. Oops. ^^;; The image of Mars with her planet in the background is nice. ^-^ Oh, greatest moments! This should be an interesting read. Ah, this pinpoints all of Rei's character developement episodes. A good reference. ^_^ All of the info looks right.

Sailormars Gallery (Anime): Quick loading thumbnails, alt tag descriptions, and says file size. I love you. *_* I wish more image galleries would do that. Most of these images have great quality (a few you can tell are compressed a lot). Oh, I love those collages!! And the edited pictures are lovely. Most of the pictures are very unique (especially the edited ones) and definately worth seeing. Also, no links were broken.

Sailormars Gallery (Manga): This is formatted the same as the anime image gallery (yea!). Hmm, it seems that in a lower resolution the tables overlap with the left side of the border background and sidescrolls. Other than that, it's very pretty and has a feel to it appropriate for Mars's manga personality. Some of the pictures are fairly common, but that's to be expected with any image from any artbook. The black and white and (of course) edited images I have yet to see anywhere else. A few of the images were overcompressed, with the rest being pretty clear and large. None of the images were broken.

Fanart: Ooh, fanart. Those are always fun to look through. ^_^ Setup is similar to the last two pages, just no alt tag descriptions. (Truthfully, I really wasn't expecting any. ^^;;) There's actually a lot that are well done, with only a few that are... not quite so well done. ^^;

Guardian "Planet": Info on the planet Mars. That graphic to the side is very cool! Wow, the info is actually presented in a non-boring way (scientific data rarely sparks my interest ^^;;)! It's Mars talking about her planet; that's a pretty unique way to describe everything. I like the last sentence. ^^

Mythology: Is "Mythologie" a spelling mistake in the header or was it on purpose? Yes, I am dense, I'm never sure of these things. ^^;; Oh, cool graphic with the God Mars. Hey, if he shaved and had his hair long he might look like a pretty cute bishounen. ^-^ Getting back on track, this is very interesting if you're into mythology. I fit into that category, so I enjoyed it. ^_^ I actually learned some new stuff here. My knowledge of the god Mars is pretty limited, so I'm not too sure if there were many mistakes. ^^;;

Fiery Heart: Aww, hearts! ^_^ Rei's face looks a bit weird in that graphic. o_O It suits the theme of the page, though, which happens to be about the important people in Rei's life.

Fiery Heart > Grandpa Hino: Lots more hearts! :D This is some info on that ecchi old guy known as Rei's grandfather. It basically describes his personality and then tells about the two major events he was involved in. (There's really not a lot one can say about him. ^^;;)

Fiery Heart > Usagi: Hearts, hearts, hearts! ^_^ Do you get the feeling I like hearts? Well, I think they're cute! The information here seems mostly accurate; it covers the relationship between Rei and Usagi. Although, it says that the first ghost at the end of the series to appear to Sailormoon was Mars's, but actually it was Jupiter's. The rest seems to be correct, with one part I'm not quite sure of.

Fiery Heart > Yuuichirou: I won't say it. ^_~ This page goes into the relationship between Rei and Yuuichirou. The main episodes that show how much they care for each other are talked about, focusing on their exchanges. I nearly forgot how cute the two are together. ^-^

A Miko's Mystery > Superhuman Senses: Ooh, more eyecandy. The graphics are nice looking. This page is part of a section dealing with Rei's natural, non-Senshi abilities. Here it talks about how Rei can sense things more than most people, giving some examples of when this has happened. Looks pretty much perfect to me.

A Miko's Mystery > Reading the Flames: Perhaps I should add "pretty graphics" to the list of things that I don't need to keep prasing anymore, because I've really liked most of the graphics at this site. ^_^; But anyway, I just learned some stuff in the first sentence, let alone the first paragraphs, that I didn't know before. I'm not very familar with Eastern religions. ^^;; Wow, this whole page is helpful! If you're wondering about what Rei's chant means while she's praying to the fire or doing Akuryou Taisan, you'll find this to be a very valuable resource.

A Miko's Mystery > Akuryou Taisan - Anti-Evil-Ghost-Sign: And now we learn about Akuryou Taisan (for those of you only familar with the English dub, Akuryou Taisan was turned into a Mars-related attack, "Mars Fireballs Charge"). Heh, I laughed at the sentence about how Rei seems carry a ton of her ofuda (that's the name of the papers she use) around with her. The Sailormoon R movie is a good example of this. ^_~ The rest of the page talks about the purpose of "Akuryou Taisan," which seems to all be correct (I actually know about this stuff o_o).

A Miko's Mystery > Dark Dreams: I know I said I wouldn't go on about the graphics anymore, but I just had to this time. ^^; The background, the title image, and the subject of this page just go so well together. The subject of this page, by the way, are the dreams Rei was having during Sailormoon S. Goodness, with the way this page phrases everything, the dream seems more terrible than when I actually watched it happened. ^^;; I guess other perspectives are always helpful in understanding events...

Frozen Fire: "Frozen Fire," what an interesting name... *clicks* Ah, it's a Hino Rei/Ayanami Rei comparison thing. For those of you that don't know, Ayanami Rei is a character from Neon Genesis Evangelion; I know barely anything about her (and saving myself from the spoilers), so this may be a tough page to go through. ^^;; Hmm, the Hino observations were accurate. I think I may know more about Ayanami than I thought, as I knew a lot of what was being talked about. This makes for an interesting read if you're familar with both series. I never really thought about some of the similarities mentioned berween the two of them. ^^;

Rei's Lesson: If you happened to have a lower resolution (640x480), you'll have to do quite a bit of side scrolling. Oh, a lesson on how to wear a kimono. I'm starting to realize that I don't know a whole lot of stuff, including much about a kimono. -_-;; I don't happen to have a kimono laying around the house, so I can't try out the instructions, but I thought they were well said. Maybe I'll grab a sheet and try this out tonight. ^^;;

Rei's Card for a Day There's a pretty big image map here, so the loading wasn't as quick as the other pages. It's pretty, though. ^_^ Cool, learn about the Tarot! I've been meaning to get around to learning some of it, but I wasn't sure where to look for info. Now I know! ^_^ Let's take a look... *clicks the first card* O_O Beautiful! Pluto seems to definately be the best representative for The Tower. *next* Cute! All of this stuff is really interesting and explained well. *looks at a bunch more cards* All of these are so beautiful. Using the little info I know about the Tarot, I can tell that this is correct. The card for The Hermit fits so perfectly it's disturbing. ^^;;

Open Issues: Some sidescrolling involved for lower resolutions. Heh, this reminds me a bit of our (Kinmokusei's) What Do You Think? (which I would appriciate responses to; I'll give you a cookie if you do!); I have no idea whose came first, but it really doesn't matter, ne? Right. ^_^ Let's see these questions... Hmm, these are pretty good; certainly what every Mars fan is wondering. ^_^ For the first one, Rei's... ...Oh, this is only about the anime. Nevermind. ^^;; Let's take a look at some of the people's answers. *click* Wha...? Only one? I hope those of you reading this consider e-mailing some answers to these questions; variety is the spice of life! Or something like that...

I really enjoyed this site a lot. If you went through the site before reading this little thing down here, I'm sure you'll be surprised to know that this is part of various other shrines which are part of a general page. I certainly didn't expect that a large site could have shrines larger than most sites that are just shrines. ^^;; And I loved the end pages; although they don't deal specifically with Mars, it can help understand her better and teach things that I personally find very interesting.


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