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          About: Eudial / Sailormoon S villain
          Nominated by: Kakyuu (me ^^;;)
          Review Date: August 18 and 23, 1999

-Quick Look-
•Lots of info on Eudial and the people (and things) around her
•A huge and great collection of anime and manga pictures
•Nice layout and nice graphics
•The summary of episodes 110 and 111 is great if you haven't seen them yet (and good for reminders)
•Credit given to sources
•A few pages don't look well in a lower resolution
•Episode 106 is mysteriously missing ^^;;

-Detailed Look-

Entry: Fairly quick to load; the lone graphic (not counting the counter) slows the loading down a bit. The design is nice, though - it's refreshing to see something not look overly complicated. ^_^ Moving onward...

Eudial Bio: Very quick to load, yea! ^_^ Aww, what a cute SD Eudial! The information here is very good. If you haven't seen any of Sailormoon S, there's one major spoiler about who two of the talisman holders are. I was a bit surprised there wasn't any info on Eudial's last moments, though. Also, in the "Fighting" part, it's mentioned that Eudial doesn't have any powers; in episode 106 she did teleport away, which I think is worth mentioning (even though it might've just been a mistake by the animators).
Kakyuu's Notes

KakyuuIt's always a good idea to test all your pages before and after you upload them. You never know when there could be an HTML or Java error; the error could even cause your page not load!

I'm not sure if it was meant (looking at the source code, I don't think so...), but the entire paragraph about Tomoe and the last line about the Witches 5 are all in red (with MSIE, that is; no problem with Netscape).
Other than all that, this page goes into a lot of things most pages mentioning Eudial don't go into.

Why Eudial: This page caught me off guard a bit. I got kinda used to the red scheme and smallish font. ^^; No comments on the content since it's mostly opinion.

Name Sake: Ah, so that's what Eudialyte looks like! ^_^ For some odd reason there's two extra breaks in the first paragraph (this is using MSIE; it looks alright with Netscape). I don't know why, but getting rid of the space before the two break tags fixes it. I don't know much about minerals, but a trip to the encyclopedia showed that a lot of the info was correct (don't know about the rest ^^;;).

Witches 5: Lots of images, but it loaded faster than I expected. I'm used to the larger font now. ^_^ This page isn't as 640x480 friendly as the other pages. Also, we have that extra break problem again like on the Eudialyte page (between the first and second lines for Mimete and Tellu). Oh, here's a mention of Eudial's death! I had a feeling it would be mentioned in Mimete's section. ^_~;; Everything else is well done, giving a lot of info on the Witches (well, it's a lot considering most only got one episode). The graphics really caught my attention, too! I like how the edges look. ^_^ On Cyprine and Pikurl's picture the text is hard to read, though.

Seiyuu: No comment; it's basically the info found from Doi's seiyuu database.

Pure Victims: A lot of images again, but quick to load again. Right at the beginning it's warned that there's spoilers, which I think is very considerate. Too bad most anime pages don't do that. -_-;; Like before, my browser is being picky about the breaks (eps. 103, 105, 110 & 111). All the info is correct, although I know some purists that would throw a fit over Uranus, Neptune, and Chibi Moon being called Scouts. ^^;; Also, episode 106 (where Elsa Gray is attacked) is left out.

Daimon File: Wow, even info on Eudial's daimons! Same format as the previous page, but without any of those strange breaks. The information is pretty good, except the first two biographies call the pure hearts "star seeds" (whoops!) and there's no info on Hurdler from episode 106. Oh, and the daimon from episode 107 is Chokokuka.

Final Drive: As you can probably guess, this is a summary (illustrated!) of Eudial's last two episodes; very detailed and correct. The loading is kinda strange with Netscape, though.

Eudial Review: This site reviews other sites, too! ^_^ I think it's a good idea to concentrate on villain sites. Loads fast and looks nice, too.

Picture Gallery: Wow, that's a lot of Eudial pictures! The descriptions for the text links are written well (believe me, that's hard to do ^^;), and there aren't any broken images (not counting that strange thing Tripod's doing now). This is really a wonderful collection.

Humor > Revenge Plus Game: Ooh, games, I like ways of procrastinating... Loads alright, the graphics are nice although a bit slow to load. This game is kinda cute. ^-^ ...Hey, I lost?! Stupid daimon! Oh well, I better move on...

Humor > YKYLETMW: What's a shrine without a "You Know You Like..."? ^_^ With a 640x480 resolution it's crushed to the side. Although this is a long page, it loads quickly. Heh, this is pretty funny stuff... Don't come anywhere near me if you've done #25. ^_^;;

Eudial E-mail: Another Sailormoon e-mail service, this time with a Eudial theme! The image to the left is nice but takes a while to load.

Site Stuff: Gives credit where it's do (a big plus to me!) and updates often enough.

This site was very impressive and I highly enjoyed it. Although it seems most people love Eudial, there's so little information on the web about her. This site helps fix that, though. ^_^ If it's Eudial info you need, chances are you'll find it here.


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