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*Kakyuu's Reviews On Shrines*

Who's in the Spotlight?
This month it's  Melvin Shrine
Created by:


First Opinion
        Hmm....A shrine to Melvin, hopefully the author didn't  mix up Japanese info with North American info!

I give the Melvin Shrine a

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Main Page

Likes-This page loads fairly fast and it's easy to navigate. It has a nice background and it isn't clustered with millions of images! The author tells you that she/he uses the name Melvin and not Umino Gurio. So far she/he hasn't mixed up Japanese and North American info. All images are uploaded onto his/her own server and none are stolen. Also this site is Internet and Netscape compatible.

Dislikes-The scroll bar it's nice but that slows downloading time. Image is gritty and there isn’t a height or width tag on it, also the background is too big.

Suggestions-Get rid of the scroll bar! I know the quality of the image isn't the author's fault but at least he/she should put height and width tags on it.

Melvin At Glance
Likes-This page hasn't mixed up any of the North American info and it's filled with lots of info and not just stats! Aslo she/he put alt and height and width tags on her images.
Suggestions-Maybe compare Melvin with Umino Gurio.
Melvin Gallery

Likes-The images are original and she/he has put height and width tags on all of them. Also she/he warns her/his visitors about the loading time before they enter. All images are uploaded onto her server and no stolen images.

Dislikes-Her background slows down her load time and all the images are in the same html, also the images are fuzzy.

Suggestions-Put your images in text so load time is easier or put them in thumbnails.

Monthly Melvin Musing
Likes-I liked reading the latest issue "Seperated at birth" It's scary to know there's  another Melvin!!
Molly's Reach
Likes-She didn't mix up Japanese or North American info.
Dislikes-She added alittle info on Naru
Suggestions-I think the author should put more info on Naru or nothing at all.
*Overall Review*
       A Melvin shrine is a good start in making a shrine but it still needs improvement. The images should have alt, height and width tags. Also the background should be reduced. I like how she/he hasn't mixed up the Dubbed info with the Japanese Info.  This page is updated regularly but I think she/he should put up an updates page. If the author does put down Japanese info then I think he/she should put them in different html then the dubbed info. The page loads very well and it's easy to navigate.

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