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*Kakyuu's Reviews On Image Galleries*

Who's in the Spotlight?
This month it's  Aaron's Sailor Mercury Page
Created by: Aaron

I give Aaron's Sailor Mercury Page a

Straight Face
First Opinion   
      I hope this is a gallery that's organized and easy to navigate!
Main Page
Likes-I like the background image and it's easy to navigate.  The image gallery, links, awards etc. are in different pages.  Also there are no stolen images so far.
Dislikes- This page isn't internet explorer and netscape compatible.  There are no height and width tags on any of the images.  Also view and sign guestbook are before the page options.  
Suggestions-I suggest that the author should reduce the background image. Get rid of the view and sign guestbook images or reduce the their size. Put height and width tags on the images. Move view/sign guestbook under links. Get rid of the animated gif and replace it with a transparent gif. The author should check his/her homepage with Web Site Garage to fix his/her internet and Netscape compatibility problem.
Image Galleries
Likes-I like the background image,  the load time is quick and it's easy to navigate.
Dislikes- The word Neptune is too light of a font color which makes it to hard to read against the background.
Suggestions-Make the font color darker for Neptune.
Sailor Mercury and Ami Mizuno Image Gallery
Likes-Height and width tags on the images and images aren't stolen.
Dislikes- How the author just resized the image instead of making a different thumbnail.   Transparent and non-transparent images are mixed together.
Suggestions-I suggest that the author should put transparent gifs in a separate table or html file.   Also he/she should make different thumbnails instead of resizing the original image. 
Animated Gallery
Likes-It's in text links and the animated gifs aren't scattered around!  Also gifs are uploaded onto his/hers own server.
Suggestions-I suggest that the author should be more descriptive with the two gifs that say: Picture from the homepage and Clip from R Movie.
Likes-The Page isn't clustered with banners.
Dislikes- The banners have no Alt, height and width tags.
Suggestions-Put Alt, height and width tags on those banner.
Likes-The author hasn't joined many rings.
Suggestions-If the author decides to join more he/she should put them in text links.
Likes-Doesn't have a lot of awards that cluster the whole page.
Suggestions-Once he/she gets more awards he should put in text links.
*Overall Review*
          The author should check his site with site Web Site Garage  He/she should get rid of a few images and rearrange his index.  The backgrounds are nice and the page is easy to navigate.  The author should put height and width tags.   He should create new thumbnails instead of resizing original images. He didn't mix up Ami's name with Amy and he put animated gifs in text links, though he could be more descriptive instead of saying"a clip from sailormoon r movie"  This image gallery looks very promising and with some tinkering and fixing it'll look great! 

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