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Frequently Asked Questions

Okay, so right now none of these have been asked frequently, but hey, maybe one day they will be! ^_~
If your question isn't answered here, then chances are I covered it in my policy.

What type of sites do you review?

As Kakyuu, I'm in charge of reviewing Sailormoon image galleries and shrines.

What are image galleries and shrines?

An image gallery is a website that focuses on presenting images. These are usually screen captures or scans from books and manga.
A shrine is a website that focuses on telling about one character (such as one of the Senshi) or a group of characters associated with each other (such as Usagi and Mamoru or the Starlights). Unlike combo pages which may tell a bit about each character, a shrine usually goes into a lot of detail about who the characters are, their background, their personality, etc.

How can I nominate a site?

Just go to the nomination page. Whether you're nominating your own page or someone else's, I suggest you read my policy so you're clear on how I do things and some rules about nominating.

What makes you think you can review somebody's website?

In other words, my qualifications. ^_~ Sailormoon-wise, I've been a fan for about two years and have seen three-fourths of the anime in Japanese, and by the beginning of 2000 I may reach the magic number 200. I have two volumes of manga (and read the translations for the rest) and four musicals. I've seen most of the English dub, but haven't watched it for about a year. ^^;;
Internet-wise, I've been surfing websites for five years and making web pages for over two years. I've been handcoding all of my sites for a year and have moved on to learning Javascript and CSS.

Who are you?

Please see the "All About Us" section at Chibichibi.

No, no, I mean who are you really?

Does it really matter? Besides, you probably never heard of me since I like to keep a low profile.

What do you use to look at the websites you review?

I usually use Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 (I'll get around to downloading 5.0 far into the future when I actually have hard drive space :p) and double-check pages I'm unsure of with Netscape 4.0. My modem is a 56.6, but sometimes my ISP likes to connect me at half the BPS. My monitor is currently set at a 800x600 resolution with 32 bit color, but I usually adjust these several times to see how the pages might look to other people.

How do you review websites?

The same way you probably do without realizing it. When I'm ready to review, I open up the site in my browser and get Notepad open. Everything that comes to mind while looking around the site gets typed out in Notepad. It may seem kinda similar to the way the Fifth Witch used to do their reviewing, but this is the way I feel most comfortable reviewing and also I think the most accurate.

Why do some reviews have two dates?

Sometimes I don't upload my review right away, or it takes a while for the webmaster to get back to me, or I just don't have enough time to finish the entire review in a day. If it's been more than a few days since I first wrote my review, before I put it up I go back to the site and see if anything has changed. If there has, I make my corrections and additions and add the day's date.

You $^#&!^* #&!@*!!! You $&*#(@# gave my site a ^&%#!*^% bad review and now I'm gonna @*%!&$^ shoot you in da &*#!!! Go to hell, *(&$%!!!

I will not dignify this with a response. =P If anyone doesn't like the review I give, keep in mind that a lot of my reviews are based on my opinion (key word there) of what I think a good website should have and what it shouldn't. Remember, I always ask people that have been nominated for their permission to put the review up (if it's a self nomination it implies permission). If you can't handle someone suggesting ways to improve your site, then tell me when I ask to review your site not to. I want you to be happy that you're finding ways to improve (plus a publicity bonus ^_~), not upset or angry.

Will you review a shrine or image gallery that's part of a combo page?

I put quite a bit of thought into this one (and also bugged Healer a bit ^^;;). I concluded that if it is a true shrine or gallery, and not just a bit of stuff thrown here and there on one page, then it should certainly count.

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