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Sailorstarhealer FAQ

Well, I've decided to post my own little mini-FAQ, just for me. This way, you'll know the answers to any questions about me you may have! Onto the FAQ!:

What do you do in the group?
I review anti-pages and combo pages, as well as handle the group email. This means any questions, comments and flames will most likely be answered by me. I also am the one who contacts the people we review, and ask the questions in interviews.

Will you help me with HTML/info/etc.?
At the moment, no. Kakyuu helps people with webpage advice, such as character questions. Maker helps people with HTML and layout questions. Please go to them with your questions. I will be posting basic webpage info in the near futre though.

What makes you such an expert on the things you review?
Well, I own a webpage that has been around for roughly three years, and I have been a Sailormoon fan for about the same amout of time. I know what goes on in the series. As for anti-pages, read below.

How can you review an anti-page?
This can be done easily. Most anti-pages give reasons why they don't like the character (or whatever else) they do. But quite a few mix up info, and do all the other general "bad" things. I also look for other things, such as stolen pics, and layout problems.

Didn't you used to review fanfiction?
Sort of. I never actually reviewed any before I changed it. The reason for changing it can be many. One, because reviewing anti and combo pages takes a while, and I didn't have the time for a third thing. Another is that fanfiction is a fan's own creation, and should not be judged by anyone except the author themself.

That's all for now, folks! Any other questions can be sent to me here

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