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n a m e: Meatball Head Moon Page
n o m i n a t e d  b y: m e
a u t h o r: ?
r a t i n g: 2 / 5
n o t e: The author informed me that her Simplenet server space is currently unavailable, so certain sections in this page can't be reviewed right now
    g o o d  p o i n t s

    • Fairly good index page
    • Nice bios of Inner/Outer Senshi
    • Original sections
    b a d  p o i n t s

    • Tons of mixed info
    • Plain playouts in many sections
    • Not much info in several sections
    • No profile of Mamoru
    • Several sloppy pics

f i r s t   i m p r e s s i o n
Well, yet another page found in the midst of my bookmarks. ::sigh::, I wish I got nominations for less popular pages. In any event, this one was found when I closed my eyes and clicked the mouse. It's been around for a while, and seems to be still updating, something not too common in the Sailornet. But alas, onto the review...

m a i n   p a g e
This page took little time to load, and has a fairly simple layout. The images are used very well, and there is no mixing of or wrong information (although there isn't much info on a main page TO be wrong ^^) I hope the rest of the page follows this simplicity.

c h a r a c t e r s
The author does a good job of the Inner and Outer Senshi, although she uses the annoying DIC in parentheses thing (i.e: Usagi/Serena; Makoto/Lite, etc.). However, it all goes downhill after that. The info is severely mixed, she uses the term 'Scouts', and uses DIC names for the Senshi when describing characters not appearing in the dub, like Kakyuu. Some links didn't work, and I didn't see a link to Mamoru anywhere. Not good at all...

s e a s o n   s u m m a r i e s
My first question was "Why is the title 'Sailor Moon Characters?'" After that I wondered why she slapped the BSSM logo right uder that. After pondering for a while, I gave up and moved on. The author makes a few mistakes in the first season summary, like saying Raye is a priestess (never mentioned in the dub), and that Princess Serena uses 'Cosmic Moon Power...Ignite!' to destroy Beryl. In R, she says that Serena and Ann become friends, another false statement. The two bicker throughout the half season. She comments that when Serena gets her new transformation, the Scouts get new powers too, which isn't true; they get those powers in separate episodes, where something they care about is hurt or in danger. The rest of the seasons work out OK, but they are incredibly boring to read. SMR is divided into 5 sections, which is annoying. She also goes into a little too much detail for mere summaries, describing in one section which monster hurt with Senshi, and where. Luckily, she doesn't mix names after SMR.

c o l o r s
This is an original section, I haven't seen it anywhere else. In fact, if I remember correctly, this is why I bookmarked the page. Anyways, in this section the author tells which color belongs to wihch Senshi, although she uses the term Scout. There are a few pics here, but they don't slow down the loading time any. I don't agree with some of the methods of finding colors though, for Pluto she says her color must be purple because that's the color of Dead Scream. Not quite. She does offer solid advice for most of her reasonings though, and offers good arguments to Uranus' true color.

g a m e s
This is just a collection of links where you can find Sailormoon games. It loads fairly fast, and the links all work.

e p i s o d e   l i s t i n g
This bascially gives listings of all the SM episode titles, and also explains why some were never aired in Nortth America. Nice to read, but they seem a little similar to Doi's.

v i l l a i n s
The layout in the villans sections was pretty sad looking. The author mixes DIC/Japanese info up until SuperS, which is a no no. I'd suggest making a spearate section for "DIC Villains", since there are differences between the two versions.
The pics of Madame Vadianne, Zirconia, Snow Kaguya, Cyprine and Ptilol, Avery, Catsy, Birdy, Negaforce, Beryl, Jedite, Zoysite and Malachite all look pretty horrible, I'd suggest finding clearer ones. Also, a lot of the pictures used are really common, I'd suggest fidning newer ones. The picture of Neflyte is broken.
The info all cehcks out, but more could have been said about a lot of villains, Mistress 9 and Master Pharoh 90.
This sections really needs an overhaul.

b a d   g u y s   t u r n e d   g o o d
This section is pretty original too. It talks about all the villains turned good, and what happened. This section again uses the annoying DIC parentheses thing, and uses DIC names when talkingabout villains past Sailormoon R. Again the layout is pretty plan, and a few pics look sloppy.

a r t i c l e s
This just gives links to articles about, or that mention, Sailormoon.

l i n k s / p o l l s / p r e v i o u s   p o l l s
No comment

f i n a l   t h o u g h t s
And now, just like Jerry Springer, I'll give a final thought...
This page seems good on the surface, until you dig into it. It's been around for over a year, but the author seems reluctant to change it. She is making headway though, with the Senshi profiles, but SM is so much more than that. I hope when the author gets back from Japan she takes a serious look at the page. It has great potential.

o v e r a l l   r a t i n g :   2 / 5

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