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Starhealer Webpage Review: April 1999

Page: Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon On-Line
Author: Sailor Xena

Ah, my very first reviewing job. Exciting, ne? ^_- Having found this page on a search engine, I wasn't sure what to expect.

Dum-de-dum, this page is taking quite a while to load. Oh wait, it's finally done! The images look a little distorted. Why could that be? Oh wait, the author uses the HEIGHT and WIDTH tags to make a large image smaller! Not a good sign. The author also says to wait for her background to load, it's very pretty. She's right, but the background is pink. Guess what color the text is? Dark pink. I had to highlight the text to read it well. The author shamelessly plugs her "Seinfeld" page, even though this is an SM page. Basically everything else she says checks out, except the new Sailors in the fifth season aren't the Sailor Stars, and Chibichibi isn't a new Sailor Moon. The links are easy enough to follow.

Suggestions: Make the text a darker color, like blue or black, so its readable. Resize the images, then put them on your page. It'll cut the loading time WAY back. Mention your "Seinfeld" page elsewhere, not at the top of your page. Get you info straight, they are the Sailorstarlights, not the Sailor Stars, and Chibichibi is the light of hope from Galaxia's Starseed [anime], or Sailorcosmos from the future [manga], not a new Sailor Moon.

Quite a few of these pages took a while to load because a) the images were re-sized and/or b) the background images were big, fullsized pictures. Also in the pages on Moon and Uranus, the words were next to impossible to read, due to the bg image and text color.
There was no information here, just stats for the Senshi (except Saturn). She makes the huge mistake of mixing Japanese and DIC info. She also calls Chibimoon 'Reeny,' another no-no.
In the Starlights sections, she mentions how in Japan the family names goes before the given name, and she uses this for the Starlights. However, upon inspecting the other bios, the puts the given name first. Why is that?
Another little beef I have is the Canadian flag at the top of each BIO. While I'm a proud Canadian, this flag looked really out of place. It had no function, and slowed down the loading.
There was no info at all in the StarMaker and Saturn sections.

Suggestions: Whoo...OK, first off, get rid of the flag. Second, re-size the images through an image editor, then upload them again to spped up the loading time. Third, get some info! Stats can be found anywhere on the net, but personalized info is interesting. It gives life to your page, and makes people interested in what you have written. Also, keep the backgrounds to something simple, like the ones in the Mars and Mercury sections.

Well, there's the flag again, and there are only lyrics to three songs, and one link doesn't work. Overall, the lyrics are correct.

Suggestions: None, really. Lyrics can take a while if your doing them yourself.

Only the A-E part works, and there are a few things wrong with it. She says Rei's "Akuryou taisan" knocks out Serena when she first meets her. Overall, she mixes Japanese info with DIC once more.

Suggestions: Finish the whole thing. There's a lot more to Sailotmoon that what you have. Pics would help, so newbies can associate the names with faces. Also, do two seperate paragraphs for DIC and Japanese info.

Well, the flag appears again. The bg image is OK, but it takes a little while to load. The author at least specifies that these are from the DIC SM. However, she only has two summaries at this point. These summaries ared correct, which is a good change.

Suggestions: Well, just put up more summaries. People will be interested on what haoppens after the first two episodes ^^

These are her opinions, so I won't comment on them.

Surprisingly done well. The flag is there, but the rest is very good. She catagorizes the links by theme, and the page loads quickly.

Suggestions: None.

Well, I wasn't shocked by what I found, but this page isn't the worst I've been to. If the author is willing to roll up her sleeves and do a little work, her page could be very good. However, from the way she speaks about her page, it doesn't sound as if it is updated very often. To bad...

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