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Sailorstarhealer - Anti Page Review

    Site Name: Anti Sailor Moon          Nominated By: Sailorstarhealer
    Author: Toad                                 Rating: 2.5/5
    Good Points

    • Easy to use layout
    • Knows what he is talking about
    • A couple of new features
    • Funny episode guides
    Bad Points

    • Not much information
    • Layout is a little plain
    • Loading time in "Cameos" features takes a long time to load
    • Not updated too often

Well, another page found in the midst of my bookmarks. I honestly forget why it's even here, but oh well, it's not that important. The main page looks pretty plain, but you can't always judge a book by it's cover...

The main page loaded fairly fast, it was easy to navigate. There are no real out of place pictures or text, it all workd nicely. It's no technical marvel, but it works.

There are no pics to load here, so it's very fast. Basically, the author goes over things people may ask him. This is fine, but he does make one comment: "Why should I care!" This was made to the comment 'You mixed the DIC version with the original!' This is a bad thing to say. You have to keep things straight about what you're talking about. It doesn't work right if you say: "I hate Serena because her kid is Chibimoon." That statement is wrong, and is technically spreading wrong information. If your going to be against something, you still have to know about it.

The stuff in here is basically reasons he doesn't like Sailor Moon, and his other opinions. The only thing that I could spot wrong was the mixing of Jedite and Jadeite. I actually like this section, the episode guide made me laugh. I really like the cameos section, he pits Sailor Moon with Seinfeld. The cameoes page DOES take a long time to load though.

This is letters from Moonies yelling at the author about his page, and I must say it's really sad. It's not a serious page, people, lighten up! No pics on this page, and it loads fairly fast.

This is the authors club to join in you don't like Sailor Moon. Maybe Fighter will review it in the future, ne? I won't though. Sorry ^ ^

This lists his responses to sites that bash him. It's interesting enough if you're into that sort of thing, although it does get kind of boring. It's in one long lsit, and it would probobly do the author good if he seperated the responses in seperate pages. The title could use a little working on, as well. It gets a little confusing (but then again, it could jsut be me).

This seems to be a decent anti page. The author uses HTML to make his page presentable, but it's not the greatest look I've seen. A few little spelling errors and mixed information,as well as more information on why be hates SM, could make this site a lot better.

Overall Rating: 2.5 out of a possible 5

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