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Review #3:  The Sailor Moon Banner Cycle
3.5 out of 5.0

This seems to be a rather popular SM link exchange, so popular as to; they have stopped accepting submissions. Sigh too bad… But if by any chance they start allowing submissions again it’s not a bad LE to join. 

First of all, instead of having the ever-long list of members the maintainer simply puts up a rotating banner, which can be a pro, and a con as to advertisement. You see a fast loading page can bring visitors yet a rotating banner has very little change of showing your banner.

Second, this LE has a page especially for people who have trouble with making a banner but want to join the link exchange. On this page there is a list of members ho would be willing to help make banners. Along with that, there is a preview of the member’s banner so you can see some of the member’s work. However a couple member’s banner seems to have an invalid image link.

Am I seeing things or is the Web Page Resources a blank page? Yes indeed it is. Taking a look at the source of this page, there seems to be a problem with the tables. Hopefully the maintainers will correct this mistake soon.

Now onto the next page… credits. A simple link to OrbitCycle which is the service which provides a free banner cycle… a few invalid pics that link to the Otaku Mall… which is also linked to an invalid link… what a great thanks ay?

Want to join another banner cycle. Check out the Other Banner Cycles page although you probably won’t find much seeing there’s only one banner cycle link on that page…

The front page of this LE is quite attractive but when dig deeper into the site it seems to give a different feel…