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Review #3: Cute Cute Cute Ring
Overall: 4.5 out of 5.0

This probably one of the newest and best webrings I've seen for a long time! First off, all sites added into the Ring Index are added by the ringmistress herself. That way she is able to veiw and cencor any sites that don't belong.

How do we know the ring mistress will cencor and not add any old page? Well take a look at the message for queqe members! This page states the simple rules that every page should follow:
no broken piccies, slow loading time, correct ring fragment, ring colours and multi browser capability. This page deserves two thumbs up! For it not only states the rules clearly but also provides solutions.

All links provided to this webring is linked to her index page called luna*c*. After clicking cute cute webring, I am givin another index page. Both pages are fast loading but I like easy access to sites. The above link is linked directly to the ring itself.

This ring also provides it's members will tons of ring graphics that range from the ordinary to icons to image maps. All sized quite well and very fast loading. It's good to see easy to follow instructions on how to insert fragment and a coding for each fragment.