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Villains in the Limelight

Overall Rating: 2.5 stars out of 5

General Overview: The title of this particular webring says it quite nicely. It's a webring that promotes villain sites, especially those of the animates.

Headquarters: Extremely fast loading time with a 50K modem. Nice color combo…different, but didn't clash. The layout was simple and neat, but for some odd reason, most of the buttons linking to various areas of the page would not show up. Many links were broken.

Attitude: The lady in charge of this particular webring was very polite and promised to have me up shortly after I put the required html fragment on the page. I asked her if I could put it elsewhere as to speed up loading time on my page, and she agreed. Nice lady.

Updates: Sporadic. The webmistress adds the new sites almost instantly, but otherwise the site doesn't get much updates. I've been a part of this webring for a month now, and I've only seen a few slight differences in the overall look of the page.

Suggestions: This is a good webring topic to indulge in. My advice to you is to fix the little button links on the side of the page, it really takes away from the site's overall uniqueness, not to mention it makes it look a little unprofessional. You might want to fix the broken links as well. Once you get rid of the bugs, this webring could become one of the better webrings on the Sailornet.

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