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Contact: Nominating a webring, club, link exchange, etc.

Do you know of an organization that you've joined or have one of your own that you would like to have reviewed? Then please feel free to nominate one! We will do our best to see that it's reviewed, but it all depends on how many are nominated. Only one request though: Do not submit an organization that has been nominated elsewhere. It won't even be considered.

If you plan on nominating, please  use the form below. If you would like to nominate through e-mail you may e-mail me  here at and make sure the subject is Fighter-Nominate or your nomination will be deleted. Be sure to fill in all fields on this form including your name, e-mail address, name of organization, organization's address, whether it's yours or not, or any other info you deem worthy.

Nominate a webring, link exchange, club, etc.


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