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Welcome to Dear Kakyuu!  It's my very own Q & A section, I noticed my fellow starlights have FAQ except for me so here's mine! My answers are in Blue
Dear Kakyuu,
Are you really Kakyuu-hime?
    Nope I am not, I'm just a humble fan.  Check out my mini shrine to learn more about the real Kakyuu.  Ode to Kakyuu
If you're not Kakyuu then who are you really?
     Sorry I can't tell you that.   Check out About Us to find some info me.
What do you review?
I review shrines and image galleries.
Maker and Healer have a policy, what's yours?
     Well I guess I really don't have one...but my nomination policy is I'll never review a site that has been already review UNLESS someone nominates it to me.
Are you a total rip-off of SAR?
     Hmm...this question is in the FAQ but no we are not.  The only thing that we do the same is we review pages other then combo pages.  Plus they review wpr groups while we just interview them. 
What is with those faces?
     A smiley face means I really like the site and it's good.  A straight face is I think it's good but needs improvement.  A mad face is when the site is horrible or it's just needs lots of improvements.
How Do I Nominate A Shrine or Image Gallery?
Click here to nominate a site.
Why are you always telling sites to put alt, height and width tags on their images?
     Browser reads alt, height and width tags, it loads all the text first so you can read what's on the site while waiting for the images.  If a site doesn't put alt, height and width tags on images then the browser can't read the alt tags and it uploads the image first, and if this image is really big it'll take a long time to load.
Do you have a homepage and are you an elitist?
     Ugh! Shudders at the word Elitist.Actually I do have a homepage but I'm definitely not an elitist!
Do you take self nomination?
Yes I do.  As long as you haven't submitted your site to like 10 other wpr.

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