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Mislead by the masses - The truth behind Pluto Planet Power

Author: Evan Fischbach

*Before I begin this article I would just like to say that I have the utmost respect for Mara K's work on PPP, but I have come to believe that the truth behind her page has been over shadowed by massive praise for her graphic capabilities.. This article was not ment in anyway to offend Mara K, or to spit her work. Remember we're all entitled to our opinions, and this is just my opinion on PPP (Note - this was not spurned by any sort of jealously towards Mara K, so don't even think of flaming me saying I'm jealous of Mara K.) Now on with the show!*

It's been called one of the best Sailormoon sites on the internet, and it's won tons of awards. The site, Pluto Planet Power, a shrine made by one Mara K, dedicated to Sailorpluto. Graphicly it is a very pleasing site, using the latest in HTML, and JAVA to give it that cutting edge look. It's maintainer, Mara K, is devoted to her site, and updates it with a new layout every couple months, and makes sure everything is a ok. The content is the regular fair you would expect to find on any self-respecting shrine, and includes information on the character, and the seiyuu. Now you maybe wondering what problem anyone could have with PPP, I mean the AQ thinks it's a great site, and so does almost the entire SM community. What could possible be wrong with this picture you ask? Simple, it's not true..

This is the point where everyone starts screaming at me, and calling me some sort of abomination for proclaiming that Pluto Planet Power, is not the excellent site that everyone says it is. (begins deleting the flames already pilling up in his in-box) You see Pluto Planet Power, has a case of what I will call decorative twinkie syndrome.. Basicly it's got a great looking exterior that makes your mouth water with anticipation, then the filling turns out to be the same creamy filling you can get from every other cream filled snack. I'll say it once more so it'll stick in your mind, Pluto Planet Power, is nothing but a flashy door that when you open it leads you to the same so-so content.

Ahhhhh, the content, that's where this site breaks down to your average fair.. You see PPP has about as much content as your average shrine. Mara gives you information (basics, manga, anime, an interesting global section, seiyuu, toys, and multimedia. Most of which is your basic shrine stuff), some leisure activities (fanworks - not up yet, some links, her rings, and ooh a little love poll for our boyfriendless Setsuna!), FYI (her awards, credits, FAQ, support, updates, and why Pluto.. Lots of information here!), and of course talkback (guestbook, a forum, and her e-mail). Once again I will just say that the only orginal section I found on PPP was the global, seiyuu, and toy sections. (claps) I must say with content like that who needs publicity, it practicly drags people in!

Well I think this article has gotten to the point where someone is bound to try and kill me for going against the grain, and picking the very obvious problems with PPP. Now I'm sure I've offended hundrends of SM fans by slamming this well known page, but remember we're all entitled to our opinions. So next time you're cruising around the net and you find a link to Pluto Planet Power, remember, just cause the outside looks good doesn't mean you're not going to get the same old creamy filling in the middle.

*Once again I would like to say that I did not write this article in anyway to offend Mara, I only wished to pull the wool off of the eyes of so many people who have been blinded by PPP's flashy layout, and so-so content. One more time for good measure, sorry Mara, I respect you, but I had to say what I did....*

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