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*Sit and Think*

      Awhile back I remember going to this page where it totally bashed Mamoru for his clothes and his relationship with Chibi Usa, well I'm here to defend him!   First I want to deal with Mamoru's relationship with Chibi Usa, of course Mamoru loves Chibi Usa!  I bet you're all like what???  But it's true Mamoru does love Chibi Usa BUT in a fatherly-daughter way and not in that other sick way, that I dare not mention.  I mean she's his daughter from the future of course he loves her!   Unlike Usagi who likes to act like Chibi Usa's her sister, Mamoru is alot nicer and treats her like a father yet also a friend.  When Chibi Usa first arrived she didn't have anyone to turn to except for Luna-P, but then Mamoru saw that and he cheered her up and was nice to her.   

     Now about Mamoru's clothing, I know he keeps wearing the same clothes over and over, and he can't look as cool as Seiya or any other sailor moon male character!  Well, has anyone ever sat and thought maybe he couldn't help it.  I mean the artist created him and drew his clothes maybe you bashers should go ask them to change his clothes,  it's not his fault.  Also about his Tuxedo Kamen outfit, I don't think he can change his look it's like his trade mark and I don't think it looks stupid, it makes him look more professional ^_^ 

    You're probably reading this wondering why I wrote this well it just annoyed me how this page just went on bashing Mamoru's clothes which was useless!   I'm done ranting, maybe next time you bashers out there will think before bashing! 


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