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It's Getting Out Of Hand

Author: Sailorstarhealer

There's been an alarming trend in the informative Sailormoon pages: They're shutting down. If you've tried going to such pages as and, you know what I'm talking anout. Even, one of the best palces to get pictures and the SM FAQ, shut it's doors for two weeks to protest a flame it recieved. I fully support them.

The amount of email these people get daily is...well...a lot. And quite a few are from newbies, who don't take time to read through the page before asking stupid questions, or stealing pictures. I can only image how frustrating it would be to get 60 emails a day, with people asking "Did you know there's a sixth season of Sailor Moon?" or "Tell me everything about Sailorsaturn!"

It's getting out of hand. A while ago, the Everchanging Sailormoon Gateway threatened to close due to image thievery. I don't understand why well-established pages should be forced to close down because of ignorant people who don't take the time to read the info on a page. It's getting out of hand.

While newer and more infomative pages are popping up all the time, such pages as the ESMG and the Sailor Senshi Page are somewhat landmarks in the SM community, and should not be forced to shut down permanently, like so many other older pages seem to be doing.

I just urge people, read the page before you email the author asking questions, or telling them information. If they have information of Makoto, read it. Don't email the author asking them to tell you about her. There is no sixth season of Sailormoon, so don't email the author telling them that either. If it is posted "Don't take my images" then listen, and get your images elsewhere. If people took the time to fully read certain pages, there would be a lot less frustrated web authors out there, and maybe we could keep our "oldies" around.

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