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"What do you think of the war between Elitists and  Newbies in the Sailormoon community?"


Elektra- IMHO, I think this "elitist" vs. "newbie" thing has gotten out of hand. I am a newbie myself, and I can empathize very well with a lot of newbies. The Sailormoon community, from what I've seen of it so
far, is an elaborate labyrinth of traps and unspoken etiquette written by the elitists waiting to catch the unexpected in the shorts.

One of those is the endless image campaign wars.  "Free the images!" or "Don't steal my images!" are popular slogans to be seen on many Sailormoon sites.   And frankly, it makes my head spin. At first I thought it was okay to use pictures from other sites since my first visited site was, but then I saw another site that explicitly stated to not
steal their pictures. Then we have the sites who are kind of neutral, and allow you to take their pictures, but only in exchange for a link or credit to them on your page. My opinion? Total confusion.

Another campaign is that of SOS. A lot of sites scream that SOS is a fraud with the Prince Uranus story and ridiculous Pop-Tart campaigns should not be trusted, while other sites say SOS is the equivalent of wuthering heights, and should be worshipped. My
opinion? More confusion, yet again.

The final campaign that I will mention is the DiC vs. Japanese wars. Project S.A.D. and D.I.R.E have divided the community in two yet again, with the former wanting people to give dubbing a break, and the
latter cursing D.I.C. to hell. My opinion? Yet even MORE confusion.

I swear on God's green earth that I am about to go nuts! All these labryinths of unspoken customs are making me paranoid and skittish towards making my own webpage, which I really should be allowed to do whether I steal images or make my own, support D.i.C or curse it, support SAD or DIRE. I'm tired of hearing about what's acceptable and what's not.   Therefore, I'm not going to listen to any more of this elitist vs. newbie stuff. The Internet free, and I'm going to do whatever I feel like it, regardless of any flames I might receive.

Thank you elitists! Thank you for encouraging me to
design my site for me! ;)
Rowena- There used to be some friction between so-called "elites" and "newbies", but nowadays I can see that the Sailormoon Community (SMC) has matured quite a bit. Unlike before, we don't see much of those "I hate elites /newbies" sentiments anymore. I found it ironic to have people flaming each other about a show that teaches about friendship and love.

I see a lot of people in the SMC are widening their horizons right now. Some have moved on to create pages to other anime aside from SM. Unfortunately, some have taken down their SM pages...

Owner 0f The Sailormoon CyberCity

Skeets- I think the "war" is pretty much over now, thank goodness! I think the whole idea of "elitists" is rather silly though. The people accused of being "elitist" don't actively play favourites against newbies...they just happen to be friends with others who have good pages. I think if newbies try to actually talk to the "oldbies" (I like Keiichi's word there ^_-) like normal people, they'll see that the oldbies aren't as big and scary as they might seem.

Owner 0f The Evolution

Jackie Chiang- I don't think there's an actual war between elitests and newbies. There's definite clashing at times, like when newbies try to claim things that they know nothing about, such as: "There's no Sailor Neptune!" or "ChibiChibi is Reenie's sister/daughter/cousin!" and other weird things. I find that there's more clashes among purists and/or elitests (there's a
distinction..) and the dub supporters, which can have their own elitests (not that anyone ever points out the dub elitests). Newbies can eventually learn about the originals, so while there is contempt for ignorant newbies, the whole point is that some of them are new to the world of Sailormoon and can gain new information.

Owner 0f The Sailor Senshi Page

Electra- The so-called "elitists" are simply people, ordinary people, who have great webpages and the right kind of attitude and ambition and KNOWLEDGE to succeed.  The newbies feel inferior, because their pages aren't as good, or as popular, etc. I had knowledge capitalized because many of the "elitists" simply know alot about Sailormoon and webpage designing so  they have great pages. Newbies can do the same, with practice and watching and reading the show and manga. And, if you'll notice, most "elitists" have had SM pages for over a year or two years. Sailormoon has ended, and they've had lots of time for improvement. The newbies
should remember that there is no more SM, and really, no more need for SM pages. I myself feel this way about my own page; surely there is no need for a page dedicated to an anime that doesn't even exist!

Sailormoon was just an anime, and just a manga. A webpage is only a webpage. An "elitist" is a jealous title given to someone with a good webpage, a newbie is someone new to the internet/webpage making.  Everyone should put things in perspective.

Owner 0f Moon Groove

Minki- First of all, elitists is the wrong term to use:  the people you call "elitists" happen to be a group of friends that hang together...just as I have my friends, and just as you have your friends.  We all have our own little groups here, and we don't always ask to mix with each other.  I am sure that you do not invite every single person you meet to mix into your circle of friends; how can you hold anyone else at fault who does likewise? The only difference between these "elites" and the "newbies" (I hate these labels) is that the "elites" have been around longer. Perhaps the newer people are jealous of the attention the older sites receive; what the new people do not realize is that those "elitists" were once new, their webpages once sucked, and no one had ever linked to them.  But these webmasters learned from their mistakes and developed their knowledge and their sites over time, and soon their popularity grew.  That is the only tangible difference between the two groups:  how long each has been around. I think this group war comes down to jealously over website traffic.  The newer sites are upset that the older ones get more hits and everyone links to them.  But the newer webmasters have to realise that web traffic relies on two factors.  The first is time:  the longer you are around, the more people know about you, and the more people decide to link to you.  The second is about content:  if your site has poor content, few people will link to it, no matter how long you have been around or who you know.  Newer webmasters need to learn the value of both patience and dedication, and should stop creating conflicts based out of jealousy.  You should not be creating pages solely for web traffic, but out of love of your topic.

Owner 0f Memoirs of a Fish

Kotono-I believe that a few of the older elitists and some ofthe second generation are the people who have mostly looked down atnewbies. But of course, this is because if you compare their pages to thenewbies' pages, they are a lot better in quality and have near perfectcontent. It's not right to shun others because their page looks bad. Inmy opinion, newbies should be helped out. We were all in that positiononce and what happened? People helped us out... they didn't flame us likethey do now. I do consider myself an elitist, but I certainly do notflame people and order them to change their page. They'll figure it outwith a little bit of constructive criticism and help. There are so manyways that elitists can be elite without just making a creative page.Those who wage war against others just shouldn't be considered elitistsanymore.    *smiles* Wow, I haven't written a rant in a while! (^.^;;) Anywayz,thank you so much for asking me to comment on this subject.

Owner 0f Sailormoon and the Sailor Senshi

Cameron- I believe that this whole so-called 'newbie-elitist war' is not really a war of newbies against elitists but of both parties against some stupid lazy people who send flames to certain sites. Somehow a popular page got flamed and someone declared war on the newbies. The problem is not with newbies or with oldbies but with a few bad apples who have to spoil it for everybody. I think we should stop concentrating on these problems and just get on with life in the 'community.' Since we focus on these disagreements so much, we are furthering the gap between the generations instead of uniting them.  I think communication is really bad in the SM community because there are a bunch of cliques and those with popular pages don't respond and those who email expect responses. I know that I try to respond because frankly, when someone asks for feedback and I give it, I expect some sort of acknowledgement as in, I got your letter or I had never thought of that. I understand that those with popular pages don't answer all their email (like rock stars don't sign all their autographs) but a little effort is always appreciated. I think sometimes newbies feel neglected by the oldbies and oldbies might seem like snobs since they have all this popularity and don't seem to care enough to send a little message to someone less popular. Or it might seem that you think that your site is so perfect that it doesn't need anything. So remember this if you get a whole lot of email for your page- you probably sent feedback to someone once and they never sent anything back to you and you were disappointed. Or maybe not..err. Here's a better example- if you ask for feedback, then you could at least look like you take people's feedback seriously no matter who they are. I enjoy pages more that are willing to change and respond than those who 'just don't have the time.' Owning a good webpage involves a lot of time-not just making it but interacting with the people who see it. That's vital. Also,  I hate it when people classify newbies as younger and inexperienced because being a newbie does not mean that you cannot make as good or a better page than an oldbie.

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