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"Do you think the negativeness in the Sailormoon community (flaming, fussiness, status wars, etc.) cause or could cause people to loose interest in Sailormoon, perhaps to the point to where they hate it?"


         Here you will found responses to this month's question.   I'd like to thank everyone that answers or is considering answering. ^_^   I haven't put any of these participants e-mail for privacy reasons. ^^


Mistress Nine-I belive this can happen to a fan, with all pf the negitivity that has been going around a person can really hate the show. It happened to me once, someone was playing sailormoon in an rpg, she would yell and whine and always want her way and ban people if they ever though different. This really drove me nuts to the point where I hated sailormoon and the show in general, but I got over it and I am still a fan. Pokemon is another good example of this as well, the fans who go to the comic shop and raise so much heck for those stupid cards can drive a person nuts. Too bad I am not a Pokemon because i find the show funny, but the fans ruin it by acting like little brats. The same can apply for the SM community as well all the people who whine that "they stole my layout, "they stole my idea", "my page is better than their's", or just the rude fans who deim themselves beter than everyone else. It can drive a person up the wall and make them think that the show sucks, alot of SM pages have moved on to another community, and this could be the problem.
Fuu Hime- I think it can lead a person to hating the show. Whiny people like that ruin it for the rest of us happy fans. I'm currently running what I hoped I could make a very large (and pink ^_^) Sailormoon page, but I have wondered if I should keep it up for fear of annoying flamers and the like. I've actually lost most of my interest for the show itself even though I still have plenty of Japanese episodes to see. Luckily, my site's not popular, so I don't have those annoying, "Would you update already?" (haven't updated since the beginning of August =P) messages hanging around my inbox. Feh.
Lady Esmeraude- People are such drama-freaks. I think half the time it's done just for attention. 'Oh, you people are so mean! I'm tired of updating! I'm tired of flames! And most of all, I'm tired of this freakin' SM community!!' Oh, pooh. Shut up. In about two years, you people who are 'exploring other regions of anime, and growing up' will be reverting to the children you are by saying the exact same words you said before you left the SM community. Ya know...I think I have a nice fat juicy Lemure file comin' now....
Midnight- Yeah, it hurts doesn't it? You work hard to get a page out, and update it (at least once a year) and someone flames you cause they don't like it!!! Heres where I'd curse 'til I'm blue cause its happened before. I had to close down one of my pages because a bunch of people kept flaming me. I lost interest in Sailormoon and my page! It happens! I'm not the fan I use ta be either now. But I'm still a fan. I put the page back up and its running again, granted, the opinion isn't there anymore. People can be a pain sometimes. If that sound cold, I'm sorry, really sorry. But its the truth. Heres what I'd do, nothin'. Ignore them. If you love Sailormoon, don't listen to them. It will only make you feel worse. They say that ignorance is perfect happiness at times, ne?
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