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And Then There Were None...

Author: Sailorstarhealer

Well, the "WPR Tsunami" seems to have passed, and dragged some of it's own back into the depths of nothingness. That's right folks, a lot of the new WPR are dead/dying off. Everyone knew it would happen, but we weren't sure just how fast.

I for one would just like to ask that point in making these groups? Some got a wonderful start, but flopped (two come to mind here). Some don't have any reviews. Some are horribly done. The list goes on. And, as I asked above, what was their point of creation?

Kinmokusei is serious about staying around, and I think more groups should be. Already WPR are more of a fad than something to help people. This shouldn't be.

When the AQ started, they were alone, and they did a lot for the SM surfers. More people in WPR, or people thinking of starting a WPR, should consider this. Are you doing this for fellow Sailormoon fans? Or so you can promote your page, join the "clique" of reviewers, or you just want to look cool?

If the answer to these are yes, move away from the WPR scene. Already it's turning into another trend, like background MIDI files, and "What is your name?" JAVA. And you know what hapeened to those things.

The bottom line is this: If you're going to open a review group, do it for the right reasons, and don't let your group drown like a lot of others.

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