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Stupid Webpages

Author: Sailorstarhealer

This is probobly the thing that bugs me most in Sailormoon pages: stupid webpages. You know, the ones with the 8-word long titles, and no info. They usually consist of the following:

Sailor Serena-Usagi's Super Sailor Scout Shrine Homepage

I Love Sailor Moon! Serena rocks, I love her! I changed my cats name to Diana, because that's Serena's cats name! The Outer Scouts are da bomb! Hey, here's a rumur: the Starlight Scouts turn into girls when they transform! Yuck.

Look familiar to anybody? We've all seen them.

These pages bother me more than any others. They are wastes of space. How often have I typed 'Sailormoon' in a search engine, only to find these types of pages as the top 25 matches. Grrr....

Why do people make these pages? Is it just to frustrate people, or do they think that they'll have a wicked-cool homepage? Can anybody tell me?

In closing, I'd like to say this to anybody with a page like that: Resources are available! Cehck out and WRP group for ideas, thats what we're here for! I'd like to put a stop to the "slummy" webpages of the Sailormoon Community.

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