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General Feedback

Below are some general comments we've received about Kinmokusei. We appreciate all those who contributed. Any feedback we wish to respond to will have our comments in our respective color
(Healer, Maker, Fighter and Kakyuu).

I thought that Sailor Starhealer's rant eloquently and clearly expressed an important issue in the Sailormoon community. I also just hate it when people ask me about stuff that's on my page where they obviously haven't looked yet. And about Evan's rant. I totally agree with it except the rant was really too mild. PPP is a nice page but it really is mostly outside appearance that makes it shine. Not a bad thing but I don't know why everyone always says that it's is SO comprehensive though it's not. I just wish that Evan had stopped apologizing so much for his opinions and just said them. Oh - to Kinmokosei in general- you don't have to post this but I don't mind it being posted.

                -- Cameron

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