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Responses to
"What do you think of the war between Elitists and  Newbies in the Sailormoon community?"


          Here you will found responses to this month's question.   I'd like to thank all of the homepage owners that participated.   I haven't put any of these participants e-mail for privacy reasons ^^    Please read all the response they're interesting and maybe give you a better insite to the newbie and elitist war, aslo please respect their opinions! 


Who Wants To Know- My site is dedicated to the newbies and unenlightened of the Sailor Moon community.  I am spoil-free and only tell information about episodes aired in the United

However, this does not mean that I am ignorant about anything beyond that.  Though not an elitist (I hate most spoken Japanese), I'm no newbie by any stretch of the imagination as I am also a comprehensive anime researcher. I know about the general plots of the 5 series and have gathered some information on all the senshi as well as other odds and ends.

In fact, within the bounds of the NA episodes, I tell what I can about the realities of the episodes and do inform my audience of the fact that we're not seeing everything nor seeing them in their purest form. It is up to them whether they wish to seek further
information, and I leave them opportunities to do so. In this I give the original series due respect.

Concerning the newbie-elitist war, I find it rather unnecessary. This kind of battle has tones similar to the newbie-elitist wars of the online RPG communities. There are he "knows" and the "don't-knows", and the elitists seem to like kicking the cream out of the newbies. Mind you, I am not saying this is true of everyone; however, I'm not too fond of bullies.

Newbies usually make their web pages for fun or to just to tell others about themselves. Most of them aren't too serious about what they post or how they feel. If elitists wish to let others know how they feel on their web pages or whatever, fine; everyone is entitled to an opinion, and newbies are as free to do so. However, let us try to be civil on this matter. If you wish to inform someone of comments, views, or points of note, let them know, but please observe netiquette. An e-mail that simply says "you s___" or something of that nature usually gets ignored or trashed.  From experience in both directions, I've seen that constructive comments tend to be taken more seriously and can be a boon to both sides. The elitist can tidy up and the
newbie can become in the know.

Owner 0f Cherry Hill Temple

Keiichi- Hmm... Frankly, I think that there is no war between newbies and elitists. First of all, classifying the people who have been called elitists as "elitists" is well... deceiving. None of them are elitist, its just that newbies seem to be afraid of approaching them. Newbies feel the oldbies (I'll call them oldbies instead of elitists - elitist is a deceiving word) ignore them simply because they don't get their e-mails answered or because after exchanging a few words they don't become best friends with the oldbies. Something I've realized is that newbies tend to be younger than most oldbies, which creates an age gap - at this age (12-20) there is a much larger age gap than at other ages.

However, I've also noticed that sometimes, oldbies with popular pages don't answer all of their e-mails. I've done this myself a couple of times (not that I'm an oldbie and that I have a popular page -.-' :p) - and I realize that we are all only human. But I think that every e-mail should be answered, even if to say "the answer to your question is here: http://blabla...". It doesn't take much time; a one-line answer is usually fine.

This reminds me of something that happened to me... Once I saw a page by some guy on aol who directly linked a bunch of
images from my site and other sites in the Anime Alliance. So I changed the file and wrote some nasty (but incredibly funny :p) things instead.  Some guy and his friends saw it and thought it was too mean, and created a "we hate keiichi" page. But he never talked to me to know how I really was - it's wrong to judge someone by a comment made when that person was angry. This is, to me, what happens a lot in the newbie/oldbie debate - newbies read a post or a rant or something written by someone and judges them on that. *shrug* Ok, so maybe its unrelated. I just had nothing else to write ^^

Owner 0f

Luna- Hmmm good question first off, which one am I?? *jokes* Well, I'm certainly not a newbie having been around for 2 and  a half years or more with most of my pages ... but I hate the term elitist and never want to think of myself as something of that sort.

Is there a war going on?? What does the winner get?? =) Not being silly those are serious thoughts ... if one stops to think. All this competition that I keep seeing mentioned concerning this issue leaves me frazzled when I wonder "what are we competing for?" What do we get out of this .. *or* what does one *want* out of this?? Make sense??

Personally, I could care less how many hits I get or how others review my sites .. seriously hehe .. as is obvious by how wacky my sites are. (Thats what you get when a mid 20's nut like myself makes ChibiMoon pages haha)

I just do my own thing and do what I consider the most important objective of all when making a webpage (Sailor Moon or otherwise, elitist, newbie, wacko, professional, etc) **I just have fun doing it!!!** Thats all!! =)

I think everyone out there should just do their own thing .. not try so hard to gain the "community" approval seal ..not replicate every other site with a carbon copy image .. be unique, be original, be a lil crazy, and most of all, be GIVING and be NICE =)

Thats what its all about, and what I think Takeuchi Naoko would appreciate in this fiasco overall :)

So from elite to one hour new to the *web* ... we should all come to terms and be a little friendlier (no graphics stealing, credit others work, etc etc on and on) and most of all, be nice to our neighbours. Sound cheesy?? Well, so is alot of anime *in a good sense!!* =) And the good guys always win ne?

Owner 0f Luna's Luna Page and many others

Cade Gonzales- Hmm, well I know that some newbies sites aren't the best... But I know they are still just getting on their feet and all. They might not know the whole story and get things wrong from time to time. But sometimes I think that the elite, sometimes are a little hard on newbies. But I don't think the right answer is to have a fight over it all. I mean we were all newbies at one time or another right? I know that sometimes people who know more or seem to now more like to have kinda a right to be uppity or snobbish. But still it is being rude. Doing that will just upset the newbies and make the two groups that love to go back and forth fighting each other and such. It is just such a waste to fight when both groups could be helping each other. Or
at least talking things out. I just think it is foolish to be "fighting". Newbies are new to things, they don't know everything... But the "elitists" should be helping them out. Not grinding them down. I have never done that to anyone. If someone needs help I try to help them but I can't always do that. Sometimes I don't know how to reply or give the info that is wanted. But if it is more of a newbie question I don't jump down someone's throat for it... I mean if they don't want to answer the question because it is so
basic they could at least tell the person to go find a site that does have the info to their question. It isn't that hard to do that, especially for an "elitist".

Owner 0f Cade's Sailormoon Page

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